The Monster Men

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 32

her gently from the scene. At Professor Maxon's
direction Sing accompanied them.

Now in Number Thirteen's brief career he had known no other authority
than Professor Maxon's, and so it was that when his master laid a hand
upon his wrist he remained beside him while another walked away with
the lovely creature he had thought his very own.

Until after dark the professor kept the young man hidden in the jungle,
and then, safe from detection, led him back to the laboratory.



On their return to camp after her rescue Virginia talked a great deal
to von Horn about the young giant who had rescued her, until the man
feared that she was more interested in him than seemed good for his own

He had now cast from him the last vestige of his loyalty for his
employer, and thus freed had determined to use every means within his
power to win Professor Maxon's daughter, and with her the heritage of
wealth which he knew would be hers should her father, through some
unforeseen mishap, meet death before he could return to civilization
and alter his will, a contingency which von Horn knew he might have to
consider should he marry the girl against her father's wishes, and thus
thwart the crazed man's mad, but no less dear project.

He realized that first he must let the girl fully understand the grave
peril in which she stood, and turn her hope of protection from her
father to himself. He imagined that the initial step in undermining
Virginia's confidence in her father would be to narrate every detail of
the weird experiments which Professor Maxon had brought to such
successful issues during their residence upon the island.

The girl's own questioning gave him the lead he needed.

"Where could that horrid creature have come from that set upon me in
the jungle and nearly killed poor Sing?" she asked.

For a moment von Horn was silent, in well simulated hesitancy to reply
to her query.

"I cannot tell you, Miss Maxon," he said sadly, "how much I should hate
to be the one to ignore your father's commands, and enlighten you upon
this and other subjects which lie nearer to your personal welfare than
you can possibly guess; but I feel that after the horrors of this day
duty demands that I must lay all before you--you cannot again be
exposed to the horrors from which you were rescued only by a miracle."

"I cannot imagine what you hint at, Dr. von Horn," said Virginia, "but
if to explain to me will necessitate betraying my

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