The Monster Men

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 18

girl to
me, and if you doubt the loyalty of any of your own people a kris will
silence them as effectually as it will silence the white men."

"It is not fear of the white men, oh, Rajah Muda Saffir, that deters
me," said Bududreen, "but how shall I know that after I have come to
your country with the girl I shall not myself be set upon and silenced
with a golden kris--there be many that will be jealous of the great
service I have done for the mighty rajah."

Muda Saffir knew perfectly well that Bududreen had but diplomatically
expressed a fear as to his own royal trustworthiness, but it did not
anger him, since the charge was not a direct one; but what he did not
know was of the heavy chest and Bududreen's desire to win the price of
the girl and yet be able to save for himself a chance at the far
greater fortune which he knew lay beneath that heavy oaken lid.

Both men had arisen now and were walking across the beach toward a
small, native canoe in which Muda Saffir had come to the meeting place.
They were out of earshot before either spoke again, so that what
further passed between them Sing could not even guess, but he had heard
enough to confirm the suspicions he had entertained for a long while.

He did not fish for gulls that day. Bududreen and Muda Saffir stood
talking upon the beach, and the Chinaman did not dare venture forth for
fear they might suspect that he had overheard them. If old Sing Lee
knew his Malays, he was also wise enough to give them credit for
knowing their Chinamen, so he waited quietly in hiding until Muda
Saffir had left, and Bududreen returned to camp.

Professor Maxon and von Horn were standing over one of the six vats
that were arranged in two rows down the center of the laboratory. The
professor had been more communicative and agreeable today than for some
time past, and their conversation had assumed more of the familiarity
that had marked it during the first month of their acquaintance at

"And what of these first who are so imperfect?" asked von Horn. "You
cannot take them into civilization, nor would it be right to leave them
here upon this island. What will you do with them?"

Professor Maxon pondered the question for a moment.

"I have given the matter but little thought," he said at length. "They
are but the accidents of my great work.

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Text Comparison with The Chessmen of Mars

Page 15
spaces; Padwars, lieutenants wearing two feathers, two diagonal in any direction, or combination; Dwars, captains wearing three feathers, three spaces straight in any direction, or combination; Fliers, represented by a propellor with three blades, three spaces in any direction, or combination, diagonally, and may jump intervening pieces; the Chief, indicated by a diadem with ten jewels, three spaces in any direction, straight, or diagonal; Princess, diadem with a single jewel, same as Chief, and can jump intervening pieces.
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It was evident from their groping hands that they were eyeless, and their sluggish movements suggested a rudimentary nervous system and a correspondingly minute brain.
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High indeed then were her hopes as she came in sight of the hill, but they were soon dashed by what lay before her, for there, in the fields that lay between, were fully a hundred creatures similar to those behind her and all were on the alert, evidently warned by the.
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"I will try to explain, then," said Ghek, "if you will promise to sing to me later.
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The idea of plumpness had a new significance here--a horrible significance.
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He came presently to a small gate beside which was a low building and before the doorway of the building a warrior standing guard.
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he came and when he found it and that it was open he paused for a moment, listening; then he approached and looked within.
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She had realized, since he had left her in search of food, that there had grown between them a certain comradeship that she now missed.
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At the doorway they halted and the officer turned sternly upon the warrior.
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"Unless I am to be starved, send me food.
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" "Good!" exclaimed O-Tar, pausing half way down the steps.
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And now he held out the possibility of a still further reward.
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The move elicited a ripple of applause from those sections of seats reserved for the common warriors and their women, showing perhaps that U-Dor was none too popular with these, and, too, it had its effect upon the morale of Gahan's pieces.
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U-Dor had placed his own Princess four squares east of Gahan when her position had been threatened, and he had hoped to lure.
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They had covered a considerable distance along the almost deserted avenue before signs of pursuit developed and then there came upon them suddenly from behind a dozen warriors mounted on thoats--a detachment, evidently, from The Jeddak's Guard.
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But they presently regained their courage sufficiently to cross this chamber too and enter the short passageway that led to the ancient sleeping apartment of O-Mai the Cruel.
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We came at last to that horrid chamber no human eye had scanned before in fifty centuries and we looked upon the dead face of O-Mai lying as he has lain for all this time.
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It is not so easy to leave Manator as it is to enter it.
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He had come alone for two very excellent reasons, the first of which was that thus none might note his terror-stricken state nor his defection should he fail at the last moment, and the other was that should he accomplish the thing alone or be able to make his chiefs believe that he had, the credit would be far greater than were he to be accompanied by warriors.
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" "How is that?" asked Gahan.