The Monster Men

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 127

a moment later he raised them and looked about him.

The first face he saw was Virginia's. It was full of love and

"They have not told you yet?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied. "They have told me, but it makes no difference.
You have given me the right to say it, Bulan, and I do say it now
again, before them all--I love you, and that is all there is that makes
any difference."

A look of happiness lighted his face momentarily, only to fade as
quickly as it had come.

"No, Virginia," he said, sadly, "it would not be right. It would be
wicked. I am not a human being. I am only a soulless monster. You
cannot mate with such as I. You must go away with your father. Soon
you will forget me."

"Never, Bulan!" cried the girl, determinedly.

The man was about to attempt to dissuade her, when Sing interrupted.

"You keepee still, Bulan," he said. "You wait till Sing tellee. You
no mlonster. Mlaxon he no makee you. Sing he find you in low bloat
jus' outsidee cove. You dummy. No know nothing. No know namee. No
know where comee from. No talkee.

"Sing he jes' hearee Mlaxon tellee Hornee 'bout Nlumber Thlirteen. How
he makee him for Linee. Makee Linee mally him. Sing he know what
kindee fleaks Mlaxon makee. Linee always good to old Sing. Sing he
been peeking thlu clack in wallee. See blig vlat where Thlirteen

"Sing he takee you to Sing's shackee that night. Hide you till
evlybody sleep. Then he sneak you in workee shop. Kickee over vlat.
Leaves you. Nex' mlorning Mlaxon makee blig hulabaloo. Dance up and
downee. Whoop! Thlirteen clome too soonee, but allight; him finee,
perfec' man. Whoop!

"Anyway, you heap better for Linee than one Mlaxon's fleaks," he
concluded, turning toward Bulan.

"You are lying, you yellow devil," cried von Horn.

The Chinaman turned his shrewd, slant eyes malevolently upon the doctor.

"Sing lies?" he hissed. "Mabbeso Sing lies when he ask what for you
glet Bludleen steal tleasure. But Lajah Saffir he come and spoil it
all while you tly glet Linee to the ship--Sing knows.

"Then you tellee Mlaxon Thlirteen steal Linee. You lie then and you
knew you lie. You lie again when Thlirteen savee Linee flom Oulang
Outang--you say you savee Linee.

"Then you make bad talkee with Lajah Saffir at long-house.

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