The Monster Men

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 123

protecting her sick mate. The analogy did not occur to her, but
something else did as she saw the flushed face and fever wracked body
of the man whose appeal to her she would have thought purely physical
had she given the subject any analytic consideration; and as a
realization of his utter helplessness came to her she bent over him and
kissed first his forehead and then his lips.

"What a noble and unselfish love yours has been," she murmured. "You
have even tried to hide it that my position might be the easier to
bear, and now that it may be too late I learn that I love you--that I
have always loved you. Oh, Bulan, my Bulan, what a cruel fate that
permitted us to find one another only to die together!"



For a week Professor Maxon with von Horn and Sing sought for Virginia.
They could get no help from the natives of the long-house, who feared
the vengeance of Muda Saffir should he learn that they had aided the
white men upon his trail.

And always as the three hunted through the jungle and up and down the
river there lurked ever near a handful of the men of the tribe of the
two whom von Horn had murdered, waiting for the chance that would give
them revenge and the heads of the three they followed. They feared the
guns of the white men too much to venture an open attack, and at night
the quarry never abated their watchfulness, so that days dragged on,
and still the three continued their hopeless quest unconscious of the
relentless foe that dogged their footsteps.

Von Horn was always searching for an opportunity to enlist the aid of
the friendly natives in an effort to regain the chest, but so far he
had found none who would agree to accompany him even in consideration
of a large share of the booty. It was the treasure alone which kept
him to the search for Virginia Maxon, and he made it a point to direct
the hunt always in the vicinity of the spot where it was buried, for a
great fear consumed him that Ninaka might return and claim it before he
had a chance to make away with it.

Three times during the week they returned and slept at the long-house,
hoping each time to learn that the natives had received some news of
her they sought, through the wonderful channels of communication that
seemed always open across the trackless jungle and up and down the

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