The Mad King

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 214

6 2 gril's face girl's face
218 1 magnamity magnanimity
218 7 2 him. Barney's him, Barney's
225 3 3 horseman horsemen
228 5 1 ajaculated ejaculated
233 8 6 king of Lustadt, king of Lutha,
234 6 2 You "You
251 9 Luthania army Luthanian army
252 2 3 poor, weakling poor weakling

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Text Comparison with The Gods of Mars

Page 3
Not since that other March night in 1866, when I had stood without that Arizona cave in which my still and lifeless body lay wrapped in the similitude of earthly death had I felt the irresistible attraction of the god of my profession.
Page 7
Naked and unarmed, as I was, my end would have been both speedy and horrible at the hands of these cruel creatures had I had time to put my resolve into execution, but at the moment of the shriek each member of the herd turned.
Page 25
Do you believe?" "I believe," replied Tars Tarkas, "though I cannot understand.
Page 28
No sooner had he dispatched his than I, turning, as though drawn by the instinct of my guardian subconscious mind, beheld another of the savage denizens of the Martian wilds leaping across the chamber toward me.
Page 39
"Not only is it our right to bend every effort to escape--it is a solemn duty from which we should not shrink even though we know that we should be reviled and tortured by our own peoples when we returned to them.
Page 40
He wore in addition to his leathern trappings and jewelled ornaments a great circlet of gold about his brow in the exact centre of which was set an immense stone, the exact counterpart of that which I had seen upon the breast of the little old man at the atmosphere plant nearly twenty years before.
Page 41
to all parts of Mars from the huge atmosphere plant, the secret to whose mighty portals placed in my possession the ability to save from immediate extinction the life of a whole world.
Page 44
My wounds were painful.
Page 52
The scene was fascinating in its terribleness, but suddenly it came to me that we were wasting valuable time watching this conflict, which in itself might prove a means of our escape.
Page 54
Dying at the hands of nameless black men in the gardens of the cruel therns.
Page 64
It was at the end of his description of the plant men that I caught his eye fixed momentarily upon something behind me.
Page 89
These I studied until they were indelibly imprinted in my memory.
Page 104
"Where is Dator Yersted?" he asked, and my heart sank within me, as I cursed myself for a stupid fool.
Page 119
"You have spoken no word of love to me, nor do I expect that you ever shall; but nothing can prevent me loving you.
Page 128
A cold, moist, slimy something fastened itself upon my throat.
Page 134
Then he attempted to do the same with mine.
Page 155
As we estimated that it would require over a million men to man the thousand great battleships we intended to use on Omean and the transports for the green men as well as the ships that were to convoy the transports, it was no trifling job that Hor Vastus had before him.
Page 161
To think of that beautiful creature torn and rended by the cruel fangs of the hideous white apes!.
Page 174
I now transferred Xodar to another battleship and sent him with all the transports and five thousand battleships directly overhead to the Temple of Issus.
Page 182
What chance had I, then, to rescue Dejah Thoris were I to be compelled to fight foes who never showed themselves.