The Mad King

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 213

6 5 whom, appeared whom appeared
142 5 1 once side one side
143 4 8 knew drew
158 4 5 presumptious presumptuous
182 5 3 jeweler's shot jeweler's shop
189 8 2 ingrate?" ingrate?
193 5 3 oil panting oil painting
200 7 1 soldiers soldier
211 2 1 men and woman men and women
212 3 5 instruments instrument
217 4 1 The cheered They cheered

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Text Comparison with The Beasts of Tarzan

Page 11
If it becomes necessary to kill you, there will be no reason for not killing the child, since with you gone the one whom we wish to punish through the boy will be gone, and he will then be to us only a constant source of danger and embarrassment.
Page 12
Purposely he hesitated and haggled over the amount, but Paulvitch was obdurate.
Page 16
On the other hand, if he made no attempt to follow them, they might move slowly away from him, later to fight among themselves for the supremacy.
Page 33
"I will spare your life," said Tarzan, "if you will promise to help me to leave this island.
Page 47
All the balance of.
Page 49
" So saying, he turned and led the way toward the hut, in the shadow of which the unconscious Tarzan slept peacefully.
Page 60
"I cannot go without him.
Page 66
To have rescue come so close only to be thwarted because he could not make his poor, savage friends understand precisely what he wanted of them was most irritating, but he could not find it in his heart to place blame upon them.
Page 84
She who had suffered so much was at last beyond reach of the keenest of misery's pangs, for her senses were numbed and calloused.
Page 87
He thought he saw in her apathy a resignation to her fate.
Page 94
To her consternation she saw that the apes were pausing in the centre of the clearing.
Page 101
Upon the shore behind him a hurried backward glance revealed the presence of the snarling pack.
Page 103
A moment later, her rifle slung about her shoulders, she had clambered safely to the deserted deck.
Page 114
Brief, however, were the moments for their greeting.
Page 115
Tarzan saw the man emerge from the forecastle--saw and recognized his enemy; but another saw him even as soon.
Page 117
Of the Russian's party, all were accounted for except Paulvitch.
Page 138
Chapter 21 The Law of the Jungle In Tarzan's camp, by dint of threats and promised rewards, the ape-man had finally succeeded in getting the hull of a large skiff almost completed.
Page 139
At first he had thought that they searched for him; but finally his better judgment assured him that such could not be the case, since they had accomplished all they really desired by chasing him out of camp.
Page 144
Those with revolvers fired a few scattering shots and then raced for some place of supposed safety.
Page 145
His eyes protruded as he struggled for freedom, for breath, for life.