The Mad King

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 212

of Lutha, and was sent to the front in command of the army
corps that guarded the northern frontier of the little kingdom.

I have made the following changes to the text:
72 VIII 3 1 Ludstadt Lustadt
81 3 2 mier miter
83 7 3 Ludstadt Lustadt
86 3 2 him arm his arm
90 4 4 monarch, he monarch he
94 2 4 colums columns
98 2 2 imposter impostor
121 1 1 approaced approached
126 2 5 from from the

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Text Comparison with The Chessmen of Mars

Page 15
"Until morning, my beloved," she called back to them as she passed from the apartment, nor little did she guess, nor her parents, that this might indeed be the last time that they would ever set eyes upon her.
Page 34
Without once pausing she turned directly toward the center of the advancing semi-circle, beyond which lay her single chance of escape, and as she ran she drew her long, slim dagger.
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"You have heard the Nolach speak," cried the Luud.
Page 37
The stairways themselves were sufficient to cause remark, since in nearly all Barsoomian architecture inclined runways are utilized for purposes of communication between different levels, and especially is this true of the more ancient forms and of those of remote districts where fewer changes have come to alter the customs of antiquity.
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among many of these the metal and harness were more ornate than had been those of the workers in the fields above.
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It made no difference, indeed! She, a princess of Helium; only daughter of The Warlord of Barsoom! "Wait!" she cried.
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was naught but a prisoner.
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By intelligent crossing the present rykor was achieved.
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CHAPTER VIII CLOSE WORK Ghek, in his happier days third foreman of the fields of Luud, sat nursing his anger and his humiliation.
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She saw the clumsy attack of the kaldane and the quick, sure return of the panthan.
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When it tired, Ghek must lie almost helpless while it rested.
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"One of your beauty will find plenty ready to fight for her.
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"Have I not heard? Did she not flout the great jeddak, heaping abuse upon him? By my first ancestor, I think O-Tar might make a jed of the man who subdued her," and again he advanced toward Tara.
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his thin laughter jarred upon the silence of the subterranean vaults.
Page 150
The move elicited a ripple of applause from those sections of seats reserved for the common warriors and their women, showing perhaps that U-Dor was none too popular with these, and, too, it had its effect upon the morale of Gahan's pieces.
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it, to find the dried and shrivelled corpse of a man lying upon his back on the floor with arms outstretched and fingers stiffly outspread.
Page 171
They threw away their swords and clawed at one another to make a passage for escape; those behind climbed upon the shoulders of those in front; and some fell and were trampled upon; but at last they all got through, and, the swiftest first, they bolted across the two intervening chambers to the outer corridor beyond, nor did they halt.
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The Gatholian knew that scarce the most abandoned of knaves would repudiate this solemn pledge, and so he stooped, and picking up the old man's sword returned it to him, hilt first, in acceptance of his friendship.
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Would Turan's promised succor come too late? Tara listened to the long, monotonous intonation of the wedding service.
Page 197
I have no wish to interfere.