The Mad King

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 171

said, "before you judge. The princess was brought to
Blentz by Prince Peter. She will tell you that I have aided her to
escape and that I have accorded her only such treatment as a woman
has a right to expect from a king."

The girl inclined her head.

"His majesty has been most kind," she said. "He has treated me with
every consideration and respect, and I am convinced that he was not
a willing party to my arrest and forcible detention at Blentz; or,"
she added, "if he was, he regretted his action later and has made
full reparation by bringing me to Lustadt."

Prince von der Tann found difficulty in hiding his surprise at this
evidence of chivalry in the cowardly king. But for his daughter's
testimony he could not have believed it possible that it lay within
the nature of Leopold of Lutha to have done what he had done within
the past few hours.

He bowed low before the man who wore the king's uniform. The
American extended his hand, and Von der Tann, taking it in his own,
raised it to his lips.

"And now," said Barney briskly, "let us go to my apartments and get
to work. Your highness"--and he turned toward the Princess
Emma--"must be greatly fatigued. Lieutenant Butzow, you will see
that a suite is prepared for her highness. Afterward you may call
upon Count Zellerndorf, whom I understand returned to Lustadt
yesterday, and notify him that I will receive him in an hour. Inform
the Serbian minister that I desire his presence at the palace
immediately. Lose no time, lieutenant, and be sure to impress upon
the Serbian minister that immediately means immediately."

Butzow saluted and the Princess Emma curtsied, as the king turned
and, slipping his arm through that of Prince Ludwig, walked away in
the direction of the royal apartments. Once at the king's desk
Barney turned toward the chancellor. In his mind was the
determination to save Lutha if Lutha could be saved. He had been
forced to place the king in a position where he would be helpless,
though that he would have been equally as helpless upon his throne
the American did not doubt for an instant. However, the course of
events had placed within his hands the power to serve not only Lutha
but the house of Von der Tann as well. He would do in the king's
place what the king should have done if the king had been a man.

"Now, Prince Ludwig," he said, "tell me just what conditions we must
face. Remember that I have been

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