The Lost Continent

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 80

not bend the knee to me?" continued Menelek, after she
had spoken. Victory shook her head in a most decided negation.

"You shall be my first choice, then," said the emperor. "I like your
spirit, for the breaking of it will add to my pleasure in you, and
never fear but that it shall be broken--this very night. Take her to
my apartments," and he motioned to an officer at his side.

I was surprised to see Victory follow the man off in apparent quiet
submission. I tried to follow, that I might be near her against some
opportunity to speak with her or assist in her escape. But, after I
had followed them from the throne room, through several other
apartments, and down a long corridor, I found my further progress
barred by a soldier who stood guard before a doorway through which the
officer conducted Victory.

Almost immediately the officer reappeared and started back in the
direction of the throne room. I had been hiding in a doorway after the
guard had turned me back, having taken refuge there while his back was
turned, and, as the officer approached me, I withdrew into the room
beyond, which was in darkness. There I remained for a long time,
watching the sentry before the door of the room in which Victory was a
prisoner, and awaiting some favorable circumstance which would give me
entry to her.

I have not attempted to fully describe my sensations at the moment I
recognized Victory, because, I can assure you, they were entirely
indescribable. I should never have imagined that the sight of any
human being could affect me as had this unexpected discovery of Victory
in the same room in which I was, while I had thought of her for weeks
either as dead, or at best hundreds of miles to the west, and as
irretrievably lost to me as though she were, in truth, dead.

I was filled with a strange, mad impulse to be near her. It was not
enough merely to assist her, or protect her--I desired to touch her--to
take her in my arms. I was astounded at myself. Another thing puzzled
me--it was my incomprehensible feeling of elation since I had again
seen her. With a fate worse than death staring her in the face, and
with the knowledge that I should probably die defending her within the
hour, I was still happier than I had been for weeks--and all because I
had seen again for a few brief minutes the

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