The Lost Continent

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 75

the mobilizing of such a force as we presently met
with converging from the south into our trail. There were large bodies
of cavalry and infantry, endless streams of artillery wagons and guns,
and countless horse-drawn covered vehicles laden with camp equipage,
munitions, and provisions.

Here, for the first time, I saw camels, great caravans of them, bearing
all sorts of heavy burdens, and miles upon miles of elephants doing
similar service. It was a scene of wondrous and barbaric splendor, for
the men and beasts from the south were gaily caparisoned in rich
colors, in marked contrast to the gray uniformed forces of the
frontier, with which I had been familiar.

The rumor reached us that Menelek himself was coming, and the pitch of
excitement to which this announcement raised the troops was little
short of miraculous--at least, to one of my race and nationality whose
rulers for centuries had been but ordinary men, holding office at the
will of the people for a few brief years.

As I witnessed it, I could not but speculate upon the moral effect upon
his troops of a sovereign's presence in the midst of battle. All else
being equal in war between the troops of a republic and an empire,
could not this exhilarated mental state, amounting almost to hysteria
on the part of the imperial troops, weigh heavily against the soldiers
of a president? I wonder.

But if the emperor chanced to be absent? What then? Again I wonder.

On the eleventh day we reached our destination--a walled frontier city
of about twenty thousand. We passed some lakes, and crossed some old
canals before entering the gates. Within, beside the frame buildings,
were many built of ancient brick and well-cut stone. These, I was
told, were of material taken from the ruins of the ancient city which,
once, had stood upon the site of the present town.

The name of the town, translated from the Abyssinian, is New Gondar.
It stands, I am convinced, upon the ruins of ancient Berlin, the one
time capital of the old German empire, but except for the old building
material used in the new town there is no sign of the former city.

The day after we arrived, the town was gaily decorated with flags,
streamers, gorgeous rugs, and banners, for the rumor had proved
true--the emperor was coming.

Colonel Belik had accorded me the greatest liberty, permitting me to go
where I pleased, after my few duties had been performed. As a result
of his kindness, I spent much time wandering about New

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