The Lost Continent

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 58

thought I heard the howl of a beast north of us--it
might have been a wolf.

Altogether, it was a most unpleasant night, and I determined then that
if we were forced to sleep out again that I should provide some sort of
shelter which would protect us from attack while we slept.

Toward morning I dozed, and the sun was well up when Victory aroused me
by gently shaking my shoulder.

"Antelope!" she whispered in my ear, and, as I raised my head, she
pointed up-river. Crawling to my knees, I looked in the direction she
indicated, to see a buck standing upon a little knoll some two hundred
yards from us. There was good cover between the animal and me, and so,
though I might have hit him at two hundred yards, I preferred to crawl
closer to him and make sure of the meat we both so craved.

I had covered about fifty yards of the distance, and the beast was
still feeding peacefully, so I thought that I would make even surer of
a hit by going ahead another fifty yards, when the animal suddenly
raised his head and looked away, up-river. His whole attitude
proclaimed that he was startled by something beyond him that I could
not see.

Realizing that he might break and run and that I should then probably
miss him entirely, I raised my rifle to my shoulder. But even as I did
so the animal leaped into the air, and simultaneously there was a sound
of a shot from beyond the knoll.

For an instant I was dumbfounded. Had the report come from down-river,
I should have instantly thought that one of my own men had fired. But
coming from up-river it puzzled me considerably. Who could there be
with firearms in primitive England other than we of the Coldwater?

Victory was directly behind me, and I motioned for her to lie down, as
I did, behind the bush from which I had been upon the point of firing
at the antelope. We could see that the buck was quite dead, and from
our hiding place we waited to discover the identity of his slayer when
the latter should approach and claim his kill.

We had not long to wait, and when I saw the head and shoulders of a man
appear above the crest of the knoll, I sprang to my feet, with a
heartfelt cry of joy, for it was Delcarte.

At the sound of my voice, Delcarte half raised his rifle in readiness
for the attack

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