The Land That Time Forgot

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 87

that he
never would have deserted her. With her means of protection gone, Lys
was now at the mercy of the hatchet-man; nor was it many hours before
he had caught her at the base of the cliff and seized her; but as he
bore her triumphantly aloft toward his cave, she had managed to break
loose and escape him.

"For three days he has pursued me," she said, "through this horrible
world. How I have passed through in safety I cannot guess, nor how I
have always managed to outdistance him; yet I have done it, until just
as you discovered me. Fate was kind to us, Bowen."

I nodded my head in assent and crushed her to me. And then we talked
and planned as I cooked antelope-steaks over my fire, and we came to
the conclusion that there was no hope of rescue, that she and I were
doomed to live and die upon Caprona. Well, it might be worse! I would
rather live here always with Lys than to live elsewhere without her;
and she, dear girl, says the same of me; but I am afraid of this life
for her. It is a hard, fierce, dangerous life, and I shall pray always
that we shall be rescued from it--for her sake.

That night the clouds broke, and the moon shone down upon our little
ledge; and there, hand in hand, we turned our faces toward heaven and
plighted our troth beneath the eyes of God. No human agency could have
married us more sacredly than we are wed. We are man and wife, and we
are content. If God wills it, we shall live out our lives here. If He
wills otherwise, then this manuscript which I shall now consign to the
inscrutable forces of the sea shall fall into friendly hands. However,
we are each without hope. And so we say good-bye in this, our last
message to the world beyond the barrier cliffs.

(Signed) Bowen J. Tyler, Jr. Lys La R. Tyler.

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