The Land That Time Forgot

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 53

beast had leaped upon our kill--and then the grotesque thing
sank lifeless to the ground.

Olson and von Schoenvorts came up a minute later with their men; then
we all cautiously approached the still form upon the ground. The
creature was quite dead, and an examination resulted in disclosing the
fact that Whitely's bullet had pierced its heart, and mine had severed
the spinal cord.

"But why didn't it die instantly?" I exclaimed.

"Because," said von Schoenvorts in his disagreeable way, "the beast is
so large, and its nervous organization of so low a caliber, that it
took all this time for the intelligence of death to reach and be
impressed upon the minute brain. The thing was dead when your bullets
struck it; but it did not know it for several seconds--possibly a
minute. If I am not mistaken, it is an Allosaurus of the Upper
Jurassic, remains of which have been found in Central Wyoming, in the
suburbs of New York."

An Irishman by the name of Brady grinned. I afterward learned that he
had served three years on the traffic-squad of the Chicago police force.

I had been calling Nobs in the meantime and was about to set out in
search of him, fearing, to tell the truth, to do so lest I find him
mangled and dead among the trees of the acacia grove, when he suddenly
emerged from among the boles, his ears flattened, his tail between his
legs and his body screwed into a suppliant S. He was unharmed except
for minor bruises; but he was the most chastened dog I have ever seen.

We gathered up what was left of the red deer after skinning and
cleaning it, and set out upon our return journey toward the U-boat. On
the way Olson, von Schoenvorts and I discussed the needs of our
immediate future, and we were unanimous in placing foremost the
necessity of a permanent camp on shore. The interior of a U-boat is
about as impossible and uncomfortable an abiding-place as one can well
imagine, and in this warm climate, and in warm water, it was almost
unendurable. So we decided to construct a palisaded camp.

Chapter 6

As we strolled slowly back toward the boat, planning and discussing
this, we were suddenly startled by a loud and unmistakable detonation.

"A shell from the U-33!" exclaimed von Schoenvorts.

"What can be after signifyin'?" queried Olson.

"They are in trouble," I answered for all, "and it's up to us to get
back to them. Drop that carcass," I directed the men carrying the
meat, "and follow

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