The Land That Time Forgot

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 50

know, in
case they accepted my suggestion, what their status would be in event
of our finding a way to escape with the U-33. I replied that I felt
that if we had all worked loyally together we should leave Caprona upon
a common footing, and to that end I suggested that should the remote
possibility of our escape in the submarine develop into reality, we
should then immediately make for the nearest neutral port and give
ourselves into the hands of the authorities, when we should all
probably be interned for the duration of the war. To my surprise he
agreed that this was fair and told me that they would accept my
conditions and that I could depend upon their loyalty to the common

I thanked him and then addressed each one of his men individually, and
each gave me his word that he would abide by all that I had outlined.
It was further understood that we were to act as a military
organization under military rules and discipline--I as commander, with
Bradley as my first lieutenant and Olson as my second, in command of
the Englishmen; while von Schoenvorts was to act as an additional
second lieutenant and have charge of his own men. The four of us were
to constitute a military court under which men might be tried and
sentenced to punishment for infraction of military rules and
discipline, even to the passing of the death-sentence.

I then had arms and ammunition issued to the Germans, and leaving
Bradley and five men to guard the U-33, the balance of us went ashore.
The first thing we did was to taste the water of the little
stream--which, to our delight, we found sweet, pure and cold. This
stream was entirely free from dangerous reptiles, because, as I later
discovered, they became immediately dormant when subjected to a much
lower temperature than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. They dislike cold water
and keep as far away from it as possible. There were countless
brook-trout here, and deep holes that invited us to bathe, and along
the bank of the stream were trees bearing a close resemblance to ash
and beech and oak, their characteristics evidently induced by the lower
temperature of the air above the cold water and by the fact that their
roots were watered by the water from the stream rather than from the
warm springs which we afterward found in such abundance elsewhere.

Our first concern was to fill the water tanks of the U-33 with fresh
water, and that having been accomplished, we set

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Text Comparison with Pellucidar

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"It must rise from the opposite side," suggested Perry, casting a rueful glance at the forbidding heights that barred our further progress.
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The sense of direction and location of these primitive Pellucidarians is little short of uncanny, as I have had occasion to remark in the past.
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In addition to the wireless, we have a small telephone system in Sari.