The Land That Time Forgot

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 23

cargo from Brazil for Spain.

I explained our circumstances to her skipper and asked for food, water
and oil; but when he found that we were not German, he became very
angry and abusive and started to draw away from us; but I was in no
mood for any such business. Turning toward Bradley, who was in the
conning-tower, I snapped out: "Gun-service on deck! To the diving
stations!" We had no opportunity for drill; but every man had been
posted as to his duties, and the German members of the crew understood
that it was obedience or death for them, as each was accompanied by a
man with a pistol. Most of them, though, were only too glad to obey me.

Bradley passed the order down into the ship and a moment later the
gun-crew clambered up the narrow ladder and at my direction trained
their piece upon the slow-moving Swede. "Fire a shot across her bow,"
I instructed the gun-captain.

Accept it from me, it didn't take that Swede long to see the error of
his way and get the red and white pennant signifying "I understand" to
the masthead. Once again the sails flapped idly, and then I ordered
him to lower a boat and come after me. With Olson and a couple of the
Englishmen I boarded the ship, and from her cargo selected what we
needed--oil, provisions and water. I gave the master of the Balmen a
receipt for what we took, together with an affidavit signed by Bradley,
Olson, and myself, stating briefly how we had come into possession of
the U-33 and the urgency of our need for what we took. We addressed
both to any British agent with the request that the owners of the
Balmen be reimbursed; but whether or not they were, I do not know.[1]

With water, food, and oil aboard, we felt that we had obtained a new
lease of life. Now, too, we knew definitely where we were, and I
determined to make for Georgetown, British Guiana--but I was destined
to again suffer bitter disappointment.

Six of us of the loyal crew had come on deck either to serve the gun or
board the Swede during our set-to with her; and now, one by one, we
descended the ladder into the centrale. I was the last to come, and
when I reached the bottom, I found myself looking into the muzzle of a
pistol in the hands of Baron Friedrich von Schoenvorts--I saw all my
men lined up at one side

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