The Land That Time Forgot

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 18

watch tonight. Benson's sorter slow in the head, an' he
never puts two an' two together till some one else has made four out of

If the man had come in and struck me suddenly in the face, I could have
been no more surprised.

"Say nothing of this to anyone," I ordered. "Keep your eyes and ears
open and report every suspicious thing you see or hear."

The man saluted and left me; but for an hour or more I tossed,
restless, upon my hard bunk in an agony of jealousy and fear. Finally I
fell into a troubled sleep. It was daylight when I awoke. We were
steaming along slowly upon the surface, my orders having been to
proceed at half speed until we could take an observation and determine
our position. The sky had been overcast all the previous day and all
night; but as I stepped into the centrale that morning I was delighted
to see that the sun was again shining. The spirits of the men seemed
improved; everything seemed propitious. I forgot at once the cruel
misgivings of the past night as I set to work to take my observations.

What a blow awaited me! The sextant and chronometer had both been
broken beyond repair, and they had been broken just this very night.
They had been broken upon the night that Lys had been seen talking with
von Schoenvorts. I think that it was this last thought which hurt me
the worst. I could look the other disaster in the face with
equanimity; but the bald fact that Lys might be a traitor appalled me.

I called Bradley and Olson on deck and told them what had happened, but
for the life of me I couldn't bring myself to repeat what Wilson had
reported to me the previous night. In fact, as I had given the matter
thought, it seemed incredible that the girl could have passed through
my room, in which Bradley and I slept, and then carried on a
conversation in the crew's room, in which Von Schoenvorts was kept,
without having been seen by more than a single man.

Bradley shook his head. "I can't make it out," he said. "One of those
boches must be pretty clever to come it over us all like this; but they
haven't harmed us as much as they think; there are still the extra

It was my turn now to shake a doleful head. "There are no extra
instruments," I told them. "They too have

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