The Land That Time Forgot

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 11

that this one should fall first to an enemy bullet. I saw the
depleted gun-crew on the submarine fire their piece and I felt the
shock of impact and heard the loud explosion as the shell struck and
exploded in our bows.

I saw and realized these things even as I was leaping into the
pilot-house and grasping the wheel, standing astride the dead body of
the helmsman. With all my strength I threw the helm to starboard; but
it was too late to effect the purpose of our skipper. The best I did
was to scrape alongside the sub. I heard someone shriek an order into
the engine-room; the boat shuddered and trembled to the sudden
reversing of the engines, and our speed quickly lessened. Then I saw
what that madman of a skipper planned since his first scheme had gone

With a loud-yelled command, he leaped to the slippery deck of the
submersible, and at his heels came his hardy crew. I sprang from the
pilot-house and followed, not to be left out in the cold when it came
to strafing the boches. From the engine room companionway came the
engineer and stockers, and together we leaped after the balance of the
crew and into the hand-to-hand fight that was covering the wet deck
with red blood. Beside me came Nobs, silent now, and grim. Germans
were emerging from the open hatch to take part in the battle on deck.
At first the pistols cracked amidst the cursing of the men and the loud
commands of the commander and his junior; but presently we were too
indiscriminately mixed to make it safe to use our firearms, and the
battle resolved itself into a hand-to-hand struggle for possession of
the deck.

The sole aim of each of us was to hurl one of the opposing force into
the sea. I shall never forget the hideous expression upon the face of
the great Prussian with whom chance confronted me. He lowered his head
and rushed at me, bellowing like a bull. With a quick side-step and
ducking low beneath his outstretched arms, I eluded him; and as he
turned to come back at me, I landed a blow upon his chin which sent him
spinning toward the edge of the deck. I saw his wild endeavors to
regain his equilibrium; I saw him reel drunkenly for an instant upon
the brink of eternity and then, with a loud scream, slip into the sea.
At the same instant a pair of giant arms encircled me

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