The Gods of Mars

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 143

great volume of scientific data, but since
the International Astronomic Society is at present engaged in
classifying, investigating, and verifying this vast fund of remarkable
and valuable information, I have felt that it will add nothing to the
interest of Captain Carter's story or to the sum total of human
knowledge to maintain a strict adherence to the original manuscript in
these matters, while it might readily confuse the reader and detract
from the interest of the history. For those who may be interested,
however, I will explain that the Martian day is a trifle over 24 hours
37 minutes duration (Earth time). This the Martians divide into ten
equal parts, commencing the day at about 6 A.M. Earth time. The zodes
are divided into fifty shorter periods, each of which in turn is
composed of 200 brief periods of time, about equivalent to the earthly
second. The Barsoomian Table of Time as here given is but a part of
the full table appearing in Captain Carter's notes.


200 tals . . . . . . . . . 1 xat
50 xats . . . . . . . . . 1 zode
10 zodes . . . . . . . . 1 revolution of Mars upon its axis.



A few moments before the appointed time on the following morning a
strong guard of Zat Arras' officers appeared at our quarters to conduct
us to the great hall of the temple.

In twos we entered the chamber and marched down the broad Aisle of
Hope, as it is called, to the platform in the centre of the hall.
Before and behind us marched armed guards, while three solid ranks of
Zodangan soldiery lined either side of the aisle from the entrance to
the rostrum.

As we reached the raised enclosure I saw our judges. As is the custom
upon Barsoom there were thirty-one, supposedly selected by lot from men
of the noble class, for nobles were on trial. But to my amazement I
saw no single friendly face among them. Practically all were
Zodangans, and it was I to whom Zodanga owed her defeat at the hands of
the green hordes and her subsequent vassalage to Helium. There could
be little justice here for John Carter, or his son, or for the great
Thark who had commanded the savage tribesmen

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