The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 98

demanded the lieutenant.

"A jane who used to hang out at Feinheimer's. She has been runnin'
around with this bird. They tell me over there that Compton hired her on
this fellow's recommendation. Get hold of the Lizard now, and you'll
have the whole bunch."

Thus did Sergeant Patrick O'Donnell solve the entire mystery with
Sherlockian ease and despatch.

At Jimmy's preliminary hearing he was held to the grand jury, and on the
strength of the circumstantial evidence against him that body voted a
true bill. Edith Hudson, against whom there was no evidence of any
nature, was held as a witness for the State, and a net was thrown out
for the Lizard which dragged in nearly every pickpocket in town except
the man they sought.

Jimmy had been in jail for about a week when he received a visitor. A
turnkey brought her to his cell. It was Harriet Holden. She greeted him
seriously but pleasantly, and then she asked the turnkey if she might go

"It's against the rules, miss," he said, "but I guess it will be all
right." He recalled that the sheriff had said that the girl's father was
a friend of his, and so assumed that it would be safe to relax the rules
in her behalf. He had been too long an employee of the county not to
know that rules are often elastic to the proper pressure.

"I have been wanting to talk to you," said the girl to Jimmy, "ever
since this terrible thing happened. Somehow I can not believe that you
are guilty, and there must be some way in which you can prove your

"I have been trying to think out how I might," said Jimmy, "but the more
I think about it the more damning the circumstantial evidence against me

"There must always be a motive for a crime like that," said Harriet. "I
cannot believe that a simple fear of his discharge would be sufficient
motive for any man to kill his employer."

"Not to kill a man who had been as good to me as Mr. Compton was," said
Jimmy, "or a man whom I admired so much as I did him. As a matter of
fact, he was not going to discharge me, Miss Holden, and I had an
opportunity there for a very successful future; but now that he is dead
there is no one who could verify such a statement on my part."

"Who could there be, then, who might wish to kill him, and what could
the motive be?"

"I can only think," said

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