The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 90

Hudson found him, and immediately
notified Mr. Compton, with the result that half an hour later Jimmy
Torrance was in a small private hospital in Park Avenue.

That night Bince got Murray over the phone. He told him of Jimmy's

"He's balled up the whole plan," he complained. "We've either got to
wait until he croaks or is out again before we can go ahead, unless
something else arises to make it necessary to act before. I think I can
hold things off, though, at this end, all right."

For four or five days Jimmy was a pretty sick man. He was allowed to
see no one, but even if Jimmy had been in condition to give the matter
any thought he would not have expected to see any one, for who was there
to visit him in the hospital, who was there who knew of his illness, to
care whether he was sick or well, alive or dead? It was on the fifth day
that Jimmy commenced to take notice of anything. At Compton's orders he
had been placed in a private room and given a special nurse, and to-day
for the first time he learned of Mr. Compton's kindness and the fact
that the nurse was instructed to call Jimmy's employer twice a day and
report the patient's condition.

"Mighty nice of him," thought Jimmy, and then to the nurse: "And the
flowers, too? Does he send those?"

The young woman shook her head negatively.

"No," she said; "a young lady comes every evening about six and leaves
the flowers. She always asks about your condition and when she may see

Jimmy was silent for some time. "She comes every evening?" he asked.

"Yes," replied the nurse.

"May I see her this evening?" asked Jimmy.

"We'll ask the doctor," she replied; and the doctor must have given
consent, for at six o'clock that evening the nurse brought Edith Hudson
to his bedside.

The girl came every evening thereafter and sat with Jimmy as long as the
nurse would permit her to remain. Jimmy discovered during those periods
a new side to her character, a mothering tenderness that filled him with
a feeling of content and happiness the moment that she entered the room,
and which doubtless aided materially in his rapid convalescence, for
until she had been permitted to see him Jimmy had suffered as much from
mental depression as from any other of the symptoms of his disease.

He had felt utterly alone and uncared for, and in this mental state he
had brooded over his failures to such an

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