The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 83

to my troubles?"

"Surest thing you know," cried the girl. "Where are you?" He told her.
"Take a Clark Street car," she told him, "and I'll be at the corner of
North Avenue by the time you get there."

As the girl hung up the receiver and turned from the phone a slightly
quizzical expression reflected some thought that was in her mind. "I
wonder," she said as she returned to her room, "if he is going to be
like the rest?"

She seated herself before her mirror and critically examined her
reflection in the glass. She knew she was good-looking. No need of a
mirror to tell her that. Her youth and her good looks had been her stock
in trade, and yet this evening she appraised her features most
critically, and as with light fingers she touched her hair, now in one
place and now in another, she found herself humming a gay little tune
and she realized that she was very happy.

When Jimmy Torrance alighted from the Clark Street car he found Edith
waiting for him.

"It was mighty good of you," he said. "I don't know when I have had
such a fit of blues, but I feel better already."

"What is the matter?" she asked.

"I just had a talk with Mr. Compton," he replied. "He sent for me and I
had to tell him something that I didn't want to tell him, although he's
got to find it out sooner or later anyway."

"Is there something wrong at the plant?" she asked.

"Wrong doesn't describe it," he exclaimed bitterly. "The man that he
has done the most for and in whose loyalty he ought to have the right of
implicit confidence, is robbing him blind."

"Bince?" asked the girl. Jimmy nodded. "I didn't like that pill," she
said, "from the moment I saw him."

"Nor I," said Jimmy, "but he is going to marry Miss Compton and inherit
the business. He's the last man in the place that Compton would suspect.
It was just like suggesting to a man that his son was robbing him."

"Have you got the goods on him?" asked Edith.

"I will have as soon as the C.P.A.'s get to digging into the pay-roll,"
he replied, "and I just as good as got the information I need even
without that. Well, let's forget our troubles. What shall we do?"

"What do you want to do?" she asked.

He could not tell by either her tone or expression with what anxiety she
awaited his reply. "Suppose we do something exciting, like going

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the following changes to the text: PAGE LINE ORIGINAL CHANGED TO 10 12 of or 14 19 of animals life of animals 31 26 is arms his arms 37 14 above this above his 37 23 Bradley, Bradley 54 18 man man 57 14 and of Oo-oh of Oo-oh 62 18 spend spent 63 31 and mumbled the mumbled 64 9 things thing 80 30 east cast 104 16 proaching proached 106 30 cos-at-lu cos-ata-lu 126 17 not artistic not an artistic 126 25 close below hands close below 130 1 internals intervals 132 9 than .