The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 71

both time and money by having
your books audited by a firm of public accountants who can also suggest
a new and more up-to-date system."

"Not a bad idea," said Compton. "I think we will do it."

For another half-hour they discussed Jimmy's work, and then as the
latter was leaving Compton stopped him.

"By the way, you don't happen to know of a good stenographer, do you?
Miss Withe is leaving me Saturday."

Jimmy thought a moment. Instantly he thought of Little Eva and what she
had said of her experience as a stenographer, and her desire to abandon
her present life for something in the line of her former work. Here was
a chance to repay her in some measure for her kindness to him.

"Yes," he said, "I do know of a young lady who, I believe, could do the
work. Shall I have her call on you?"

"If you will, please," replied Compton

As Jimmy left the office Compton rang for Bince, and when the latter
came, told him of his plan to employ a firm of accountants to renovate
their entire system of bookkeeping.

"Is that one of Torrance's suggestions?" asked Bince.

"Yes, the idea is his," replied Compton, "and I think it is a good one."

"It seems to me," said Bince, "that Torrance is balling things up
sufficiently as it is without getting in other theorizers who have no
practical knowledge of our business. The result of all this will be to
greatly increase our overhead by saddling us with a lot of red-tape in
the accounting department similar to that which Torrance is loading the
producing end with."

"I am afraid that you are prejudiced, Harold," said Compton. "I cannot
discover that Torrance is doing anything to in any way complicate the
shop work. As a matter of fact a single change which he has just made
has resulted in our performing certain operations in less time and to
better advantage with five less men than formerly. Just in this one
thing he has not only more than earned his salary, but is really paying
dividends on our investment."

Bince was silent for a moment. He had walked to the window and was
looking out on the street below, then he turned suddenly toward Compton.

"Mr. Compton," he said, "you have made me assistant general manager here
and now, just when I am reaching a point where I feel I can accomplish
something, you are practically taking the authority out of my hands and
putting it in that of a stranger. I feel not only that you

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