The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 70

"that in a short time I will know as much about
the payroll as the assistant general manager."

Nor was it the pay-roll only that claimed Jimmy's attention. He found
that several handlings of materials could be eliminated by the adoption
of simple changes, and that a rearrangement of some of the machines
removed the necessity for long hauls from one part of the shop to
another. After an evening with the little volume he had purchased for
twenty-five cents in the second-hand bookshop he ordered changes that
enabled him to cut five men from the pay-roll and at the same time do
the work more expeditiously and efficiently.

"Little book," he said one evening, "I take my hat off to you. You are
the best two-bits' worth I ever purchased."

The day following the completion of the changes he had made in the shop
he was in Compton's office.

"Patton was explaining some of the changes you have made," remarked
Compton. Patton was the shop foreman. "He said they were so simple that
he wondered none of us had thought of them before. I quite agree with

"So do I," returned Jimmy, "but, then, my whole method is based upon
simplicity." And his mind traveled to the unpretentious little book on
the table in his room on Indiana Avenue.

"The feature that appeals to me most strongly is that you have been able
to get the cooperation of the men," continued Compton "that's what I
feared--that they wouldn't accept your suggestions. How did you do it?"

"I showed them how they could turn out more work and make more money by
my plan. This appealed to the piece-workers. I demonstrated to the
others that the right way is the easiest way--I showed them how they
could earn their wages with less effort."

"Good," said Compton. "You are running into no difficulties then? Is
there any way in which I can help you?"

"I am getting the best kind of cooperation from the men in the shop,
practically without exception," replied Jimmy, "although there is one
fellow, a straw boss named Krovac, who does not seem to take as kindly
to the changes I have made as the others, but he really doesn't amount
to anything as an obstacle." Jimmy also thought of Bince and the
pay-roll, but he was still afraid to broach the subject. Suddenly an
inspiration came to him.

"Yes," he said, "I believe your accounting system could be improved--it
will take me months to get around to it, as my work is primarily in the
shop, at first, at least. You can save

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