The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 69

by any
efficiency expert or any one else."

"I don't recall that I made any such agreement," said Jimmy. "I must
insist on seeing that pay-roll."

Bince turned white with suppressed anger, and then suddenly slamming his
pen on the desk, he wheeled around toward the other.

"I might as well tell you something," he said, "that will make your path
easier here, if you know it. I understand that you want a permanent job
with us. If you do you might as well understand now as any other time
that you have got to be satisfactory to me. Of course, it is none of
your business, but it may help you to understand conditions when I tell
you that I am to marry Mr. Compton's daughter, and when I do that he
expects to retire from business, leaving me in full charge here. Now, do
you get me?"

Jimmy had involuntarily acquired antipathy toward Bince at their first
meeting, an antipathy which had been growing the more that he saw of the
assistant general manager. This fact, coupled with Bince's present
rather nasty manner, was rapidly arousing the anger of the efficiency
expert. "I didn't come in here," he said, "to discuss your matrimonial
prospects, Mr. Bince. I came in here to see the pay-roll, and you will
oblige me by letting me see it."

"I tell you again," said Bince, "once and for all, that you don't see
the pay-roll nor anything else connected with my office, and you will
oblige me by not bothering me any longer. As I told you when you first
came in, I am very busy."

Jimmy turned and left the room. He was on the point of going to
Compton's office and asking for authority to see the pay-roll, and then
it occurred to him that Compton would probably not take sides against
his assistant general manager and future son-in-law.

"I've got to get at it some other way," said Jimmy, "but you bet your
life I'm going to get at it. It looks to me as though there's something
funny about that pay-roll."

On his way out he stopped at Everett's cage. "What was the amount of the
check for the pay-roll for this week, Everett?" he asked.

"A little over ninety-six hundred dollars."

"Thanks," said Jimmy, and returned to the shops to continue his study of
his men, and as he studied them he asked many questions, made many notes
in his little note-book, and always there were two questions that were
the same: "What is your name? What wages do you get?"

"I guess," said Jimmy,

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