The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 62

you expect to continue in this line of work?" asked Mr. Compton.
"When this job is finished you would want to go somewhere else, I

Jimmy saw an opening and leaped for it. "Oh, no!" he replied. "On the
contrary, I wouldn't mind working into a permanent position, and if you
think there might be a possibility of that I would consider a reasonable
salary arrangement rather than the usual contract rate for expert

"It is very possible," said Mr. Compton, "that if you are the right man
there would be a permanent place in the organization for you. With that
idea in mind I should say that two hundred and fifty dollars a month
might be a mutually fair arrangement to begin with."

Two hundred and fifty dollars a month! Jimmy tried to look bored, but
not too bored.

"Of course," he said, "with the idea that it may become a permanent,
well-paying position I think I might be inclined to consider it--in
fact, I am very favorably inclined toward it," he added hastily as he
thought he noted a sudden waning of interest in Compton's expression.
"But be sure yourself that I am the man you want. For instance, my
methods--you should know something of them first."

In Jimmy's pocket was a small book he had purchased at a second-hand
bookshop the evening before, upon the cover of which appeared the title
"How to Get More Out of Your Factory." He had not had sufficient time to
study it thoroughly, but had succeeded in memorizing several principal
headings on the contents page.

"At first," he explained, "I won't seem to be accomplishing much, as I
always lay the foundation of my future work by studying my men. Some men
have that within them which spurs them on; while some need artificial
initiative--outside encouragement," he quoted glibly from "How to Get
More Out of Your Factory." "Some men extend themselves under stern
discipline; some respond only to a gentle rein. I study men--the men
over me, under me, around me. I study them and learn how to get from
each the most that is in him. At the same time I shall be looking for
leaks and investigating timekeeping methods, wage-paying systems and
planning on efficiency producers. Later I shall start reducing costs by
studying machines, handling material economically and producing power at
lowest cost; keeping the product moving, making environment count on the
balance-sheet and protecting against accident and fire." This was as far
as Jimmy had memorized, and so he stopped.

"I think," said Mr. Compton, "that you have the right idea.

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