The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 6

you reason to at
least have hopes of rejoicing before I come home again. If I
fail I'll come home anyway, and then neither one of us will
have any doubt but what you will have to support me for the
rest of my life. However, I don't intend to fail, and one of
these days I will bob up all serene as president of a bank
or a glue factory. In the mean time I'll keep you posted as
to my whereabouts, but don't send me another cent until I
ask for it; and when I do you will know that I have failed.

Tell mother that I will write her in a day or two, probably
from Chicago, as I have always had an idea that that was one
burg where I could make good.

With lots of love to you all,

Your affectionate

It was a hot July day that James Torrance, Jr., alighted from the
Twentieth Century Limited at the La Salle Street Station, and, entering
a cab, directed that he be driven to a small hotel; "for," he
soliloquized, "I might as well start economizing at once, as it might be
several days before I land a job such as I want," in voicing which
sentiments he spoke with the tongues of the prophets.

Jimmy had many friends in Chicago with whom, upon the occasion of
numerous previous visits to the Western metropolis, he had spent many
hilarious and expensive hours, but now he had come upon the serious
business of life, and there moved within him a strong determination to
win financial success without recourse to the influence of rich and
powerful acquaintances.

Since the first crushing blow that his father's letter had dealt his
egotism, Jimmy's self-esteem had been gradually returning, though

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