The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 114


She was standing very close to him, looking up in his face.

"You, Harriet," he said.

She smiled tremulously. "I have been yours for a long time, Jimmy, but
you didn't know it."

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Text Comparison with Tarzan of the Apes

Page 4
The big fellow, who was known among his mates as Black Michael, tried his leg gingerly, and, finding that it bore his weight, turned to Clayton with a word of gruff thanks.
Page 7
" A thorough search revealed the fact that nothing had been taken but Clayton's two revolvers and the small supply of ammunition he had saved out for them.
Page 16
Thus they obtained air and proper ventilation without fear of lessening the safety of their cabin.
Page 26
Remembering the death of her own little one, she clung desperately to the new babe, with one hand, whenever they were upon the march.
Page 31
Tarzan now swam to shore and clambered quickly upon dry land.
Page 35
Had Tarzan been a full-grown bull ape of the species of his tribe he would have been more than a match for the gorilla, but being only a little English boy, though enormously muscular for such, he stood no chance against his cruel antagonist.
Page 41
Nor did he neglect the sterner duties of life while following the bent of his inclination toward the solving of the mystery of his library.
Page 51
Often they hunted him, and more often he hunted them, but though they never quite reached him with those cruel, sharp claws of theirs, yet there were times when one could scarce have passed a thick leaf between their talons and his smooth hide.
Page 54
Roaring and shrieking the apes dashed toward Kulonga, but that wary savage was fleeing down the trail like a frightened antelope.
Page 62
Then he stood back, surveyed his work, and grinned.
Page 67
Then it was that Tarzan of the Apes saw his chance.
Page 106
Here Tarzan released them, and, pointing toward the little building, vanished into the jungle beside them.
Page 121
His thoughts were of the beautiful white girl.
Page 138
The girl understood, and taking the long knife she entered and lay down upon the soft grasses while Tarzan of the Apes stretched himself upon the ground across the entrance.
Page 146
As D'Arnot watched the spot where the body had entered the tree he heard the sounds of movement there.
Page 150
So sudden and unexpected the assault had been that the whites reached the gates before the frightened natives could bar them, and in another minute the village street was filled with armed men fighting hand to hand in an inextricable tangle.
Page 163
monster as a bull might charge a grizzly--absolutely without sign of fear or hesitation--you would have believed him more than human.
Page 180
"I wonder what the lines upon my own fingers may resemble.
Page 196
That she had been carried off her feet by the strength of the young giant when his great arms were about her in the distant African forest, and again today, in the Wisconsin woods, seemed to her only attributable to a temporary mental reversion to type on her part--to the psychological appeal of the primeval man to the primeval woman in her nature.
Page 197
It would take away his title and his lands and his castles, and--it would take them away from Jane Porter also.