The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 110

in my line, so I beats it out without
crackin' the safe. That's all I know about it until I sees the papers,
and then for a while I was afraid to say anything because this guy
O'Donnell has it in for me, and I know enough about police methods to
know that they could frame up a good case of murder against me. But
after a while Miss Hudson finds me and puts it up to me straight that
this guy Torrance hasn't got no friends except me and her.

"Of course she didn't know how much I knew, but I did, and it's been
worryin' me ever since. I was waiting, though, hopin' that something
would turn up so that he would be acquitted, but I been watchin' the
papers close, and I seen yesterday that there wasn't much chance, so
here I am."

"You say that a man came down from Mr. Compton's office just before you
went up? What time was that?"

"It was about ten o'clock, about half an hour before the cops finds
Torrance there."

"And then you went upstairs and found Mr. Compton dead?"

"Yes, sir."

"You say this man that came downstairs stopped and lighted a
cigarette before he left the building. Did you see his face?"

"Yes, I did."

"Would you recognize him if you saw him again?"


"Look around the court-room and see if you can find him here."

"Sure I can find him. I seen him when I first came in, but I can't see
his face because he's hiding behind the prosecuting attorney."

All eyes were turned in the direction of the prosecuting attorney to see
Bince leap suddenly to his feet and lean forward upon the desk before
him, supported by a trembling arm as he shook his finger at the Lizard,
and in high-pitched tones screamed, "It's a lie! It's a lie!"

For a moment longer he stood looking wildly about the room, and then
with rapid strides he crossed it to an open window, and before any one
could interfere he vaulted out, to fall four stories to the cement
sidewalk below.

For several minutes pandemonium reigned in the court-room. Elizabeth
Compton Bince swooned, and when she regained consciousness she found
herself in the arms of Harriet Holden.

"Take me home, Harriet," she asked; "take me away from this place. Take
me to your home. I do not want to go back to mine yet."

Half an hour later, in accordance with the judge's charge to the jury, a
verdict of "Not guilty" was rendered in the case

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