The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 107

Bince breathed more
freely thereafter than he had for a long time before.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bince entered the court-room late on Friday morning
following the brief ceremony that had made them man and wife. It had
been generally supposed that to-day the case would go to the jury as the
evidence was all in, and the final arguments of the attorneys, which had
started the preceding day, would be concluded during the morning
session. It had been conceded that the judge's charge would be brief and
perfunctory, and there was even hope that the jury might return a
verdict before the close of the afternoon session, but when Bince and
his bride entered the court-room they found Torrance's attorney making a
motion for the admission of new evidence on the strength of the recent
discovery of witnesses, the evidence of whom he claimed would materially
alter the aspect of the case.

An hour was consumed in argument before the judge finally granted the
motion. The first of the new witnesses called was an employee of the
International Machine Company. After the usual preliminary questions the
attorney for the defense asked him if he was employed in the plant on
the afternoon of March 24. The reply was in the affirmative.

"Will you tell the jury, please, of any occurrence that you witnessed
there that afternoon out of the ordinary?"

"I was working at my machine," said the witness, "when Pete Krovac comes
to me and asks me to hide behind a big drill-press and watch what the
assistant general manager done when he comes through the shop again. So
I hides there and I saw this man Bince come along and drop an envelope
beside Krovac's machine, and after he left I comes out as Krovac picks
it up, and I seen him take some money out of it."

"How much money?" asked the attorney.

"There was fifty dollars there. He counted it in front of me."

"Did he say what it was for?"

"Yes, he said Bince gave it to him to croak this fellow"--nodding
toward Jimmy.

"What fellow?" asked the attorney. "You mean Mr. Torrance, the

"Yes, sir."

"And what else? What happened after that?"

"Krovac said he'd split it with me if I'd go along and help him."

"Did you?"


"What happened?"

"The guy beat up Krovac and come near croaking me, and got away."

"That is all," said the attorney.

The prosecuting attorney, whose repeated objections to the testimony of
the witness had been overruled, waived cross-examination.

Turning to the clerk, "Please call Stephen Murray," said Jimmy's

Murray, burly and swaggering, took the witness

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