The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 102

beside the road-house, turned around and backed up
alongside hers. A man stepped out and peered through the glass of her
machine. It was the Lizard.

Recognizing the girl he opened the door and took a seat beside her.
"Well," inquired the Lizard, "What's on your mind?"

"Jimmy," replied the girl.

"I thought so," returned the Lizard. "It looks pretty bad for him,
don't it? I wish there was some way to help him."

"He did not do it," said the girl.

"It didn't seem like him," said the Lizard, "but I got it straight from
a guy who knows that he done it all right."

"Who?" asked Edith.


"I thought he knew a lot about it," said the girl. "That's why I sent
for you. You haven't got any love for Murray, have you?"

"No," replied the Lizard; "not so you could notice it."

"I think Murray knows a lot about that job. If you want to help Jimmy I
know where you can get the dope that will start something, anyway."

"What is it?" asked the Lizard.

"This fellow Bince, who is assistant general manager for Compton, got a
letter from Murray two or three weeks before Compton was killed. Murray
enclosed a threat signed I.W.W., and his letter instructed Bince to show
the threat to Compton. I haven't got all the dope on it, but I've got a
hunch that in some way it is connected with this job. Anyway, I've got
both Murray's letter and the threat he enclosed. They're hidden in my
desk at the plant. I can't get them, of course; they wouldn't let me in
the place now, and Murray's so strong with the police that I wouldn't
trust them, so I haven't told any one. What I want is for you to go
there to-night and get them."

The Lizard was thinking fast. The girl knew nothing of his connection
with the job. She did not know that he had entered Compton's office and
had been first to find his dead body; in fact, no one knew that. Even
Murray did not know that the Lizard had succeeded in entering the plant,
as the latter had told him that he was delayed, and that when he reached
there a patrol and ambulance were already backed up in front of the
building. He felt that he had enough knowledge, however, to make the
conviction of Jimmy a very difficult proposition, but if he divulged the
knowledge he had and explained how he came by it he could readily see
that suspicion would be at once transferred

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