The Efficiency Expert

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 100

anything that
was not right; and you know yourself how anxious O'Donnell has been to
dig up evidence of any kind derogatory to either of them."

"How are you going to help him?" asked Elizabeth. "Take flowers and
cake to him in jail?"

There was a sneer on her face and on her lips. "If he cares for flowers
and cakes," replied Harriet, "I probably shall; but I have another plan
which will probably be more practical."



So it befell that the next day a well-known criminal attorney called on
Jimmy Torrance at the county jail. "I understand," he said to Jimmy,
"that you have retained no attorney. I have been instructed by one of my
clients to take your case."

Jimmy looked at him in silence for a moment.

"Who is going to pay you?" he asked with a smile. "I understand
attorneys expect to be paid."

"That needn't worry you!" replied the lawyer.

"You mean that your client is going to pay for my defense? What's his

"That I am not permitted to tell you," replied the lawyer.

"Very well. Tell your client that I appreciate his kindness, but I
cannot accept it."

"Don't be a fool," said the attorney. "This client of mine can well
afford the expense, and anyway, my instructions are to defend you
whether you want me to or not, so I guess you can't help yourself."

Jimmy laughed with the lawyer. "All right," he said. "The first thing I
wish you'd do is to get Miss Hudson out of jail. There is doubtless some
reason for suspicion attaching to me because I was found alone with Mr.
Compton's body, and the pistol with which he was shot was one that had
been given to me and which I kept in my desk, but there is no earthly
reason why she should be detained. She could have had absolutely nothing
to do with it."

"I will see what can be done," replied the attorney, "although I had no
instructions to defend her also."

"I will make that one of the conditions under which I will accept your
services," said Jimmy.

The result was that within a few days Edith was released. From the
moment that she left the jail she was aware that she was being shadowed.

"I suppose," she thought, "that they expect to open up a fund of new
clues through me," but she was disturbed nevertheless, because she
realized that it was going to make difficult a thing that she had been
trying to find some means to accomplish ever

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