The Chessmen of Mars

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 201

3 spaces diagonal in any direction or
combination; and may jump intervening pieces.

Chief: Diadem with ten jewels; 3 spaces in any direction; straight or
diagonal or combination.

Princess: Diadem with one jewel; same as Chief, except may jump
intervening pieces.

Flier: See above.

Dwar: See above.

Padwar: See above.

Warrior: See above.

And in the second row from left to right:

Thoat: Mounted warrior 2 feathers; 2 spaces, one straight and one
diagonal in any direction.

Panthans: (8 of them): 1 feather; 1 space, forward, side, or diagonal,
but not backward.

Thoat: See above.

The game is played with twenty black pieces by one player and twenty
orange by his opponent, and is presumed to have originally represented
a battle between the Black race of the south and the Yellow race of the
north. On Mars the board is usually arranged so that the Black pieces
are played from the south and the Orange from the north.

The game is won when any piece is placed on same square with opponent's
Princess, or a Chief takes a Chief.

The game is drawn when either Chief is taken by a piece other than the
opposing Chief, or when both sides are reduced to three pieces, or
less, of equal value and the game is not won in the ensuing ten moves,
five apiece.

The Princess may not move onto a threatened square, nor may she take an
opposing piece. She is entitled to one ten-space move at any time
during the game. This move is called the escape.

Two pieces may not occupy the same square except in the final move of a
game where the Princess is taken.

When a player, moving properly and in order, places one of his pieces
upon a square occupied by an opponent piece, the opponent piece is
considered to have been killed and is removed from the game.

The moves explained. Straight moves mean due north, south, east, or
west; diagonal moves mean northeast, southeast, southwest, or
northwest. A Dwar might move straight north three spaces, or north one
space and east two spaces, or any similar combination of straight
moves, so long as he did not cross the same square twice in a single
move. This example explains combination moves.

The first move may be decided in any way that is agreeable to both
players; after the first game the winner of the preceding game moves
first if he chooses, or may instruct his opponent to make the first

Gambling: The Martians gamble at Jetan in several ways. Of course the
outcome of the game indicates to whom the main stake belongs; but they
also put a price

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