The Chessmen of Mars

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 200

trappings?" I asked.

"It was simple--for Gahan of Gathol," replied The Warlord. "With the
assistance of I-Gos he crept into The Hall of Chiefs before the
ceremony, while the throne room and Hall of Chiefs were vacated to
receive the bride. He came from the pits through the corridor that
opened behind the arras at the rear of the throne, and passing into The
Hall of Chiefs took his place upon the back of a riderless thoat, whose
warrior was in I-Gos' repair room. When O-Tar entered and came near him
Gahan fell upon him and struck him with the butt of a heavy spear. He
thought that he had killed him and was surprised when O-Tar appeared to
denounce him."

"And Ghek? What became of Ghek?" I insisted.

"After leading Val Dor and Floran to Tara's disabled flier which they
repaired, he accompanied them to Gathol from where a message was sent
to me in Helium. He then led a large party including A-Kor and U-Thor
from the roof, where our ships landed them, down a spiral runway into
the palace and guided them to the throne room. We took him back to
Helium with us, where he still lives, with his single rykor which we
found all but starved to death in the pits of Manator. But come! No
more questions now."

I accompanied him to the east arcade where the red dawn was glowing
beyond the arches.

"Good-bye!" he said.

"I can scarce believe that it is really you," I exclaimed. "Tomorrow I
will be sure that I have dreamed all this."

He laughed and drawing his sword scratched a rude cross upon the
concrete of one of the arches.

"If you are in doubt tomorrow," he said, "come and see if you dreamed

A moment later he was gone.


For those who care for such things, and would like to try the game, I
give the rules of Jetan as they were given me by John Carter. By
writing the names and moves of the various pieces on bits of paper and
pasting them on ordinary checkermen the game may be played quite as
well as with the ornate pieces used upon Mars.

THE BOARD: Square board consisting of one hundred alternate black and
orange squares.

THE PIECES: In order, as they stand upon the board in the first row,
from left to right of each player.

Warrior: 2 feathers; 2 spaces straight in any direction or combination.

Padwar: 2 feathers; 2 spaces diagonal in any direction or combination.

Dwar: 3 feathers; 3 spaces straight in any direction or combination.

Flier: 3 bladed propellor;

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