The Chessmen of Mars

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 179

the gag from her mouth and
release her hands," he commanded aloud. "Make room for the Princess
Tara of Helium at the side of O-Tar of Manator. She shall dine as
becomes a princess."

Slaves did as O-Tar bid and Tara of Helium stood with flashing eyes
behind the chair that was offered her. "Sit!" commanded O-Tar.

The girl sank into the chair. "I sit as a prisoner," she said; "not as
a guest at the board of my enemy, O-Tar of Manator."

O-Tar motioned his followers from the room. "I would speak alone with
the Princess of Helium," he said. The company and the slaves withdrew
and once more the Jeddak of Manator turned toward the girl. "O-Tar of
Manator would be your friend," he said.

Tara of Helium sat with arms folded upon her small, firm breasts, her
eyes flashing from behind narrowed lids, nor did she deign to answer
his overture. O-Tar leaned closer to her. He noted the hostility of her
bearing and he recalled his first encounter with her. She was a
she-banth, but she was beautiful. She was by far the most desirable
woman that O-Tar had ever looked upon and he was determined to possess
her. He told her so.

"I could take you as my slave," he said to her; "but it pleases me to
make you my wife. You shall be Jeddara of Manator. You shall have seven
days in which to prepare for the great honor that O-Tar is conferring
upon you, and at this hour of the seventh day you shall become an
empress and the wife of O-Tar in the throne room of the jeddaks of
Manator." He struck a gong that stood beside him upon the table and
when a slave appeared he bade him recall the company. Slowly the chiefs
filed in and took their places at the table. Their faces were grim and
scowling, for there was still unanswered the question of their jeddak's
courage. If O-Tar had hoped they would forget he had been mistaken in
his men.

O-Tar arose. "In seven days," he announced, "there will be a great
feast in honor of the new Jeddara of Manator," and he waved his hand
toward Tara of Helium. "The ceremony will occur at the beginning of the
seventh zode* in the throne room. In the meantime the Princess of
Helium will be cared for in the tower of the women's quarters of the
palace. Conduct her thither, E-Thas, with a suitable guard of honor and
see to it that slaves and eunuchs be placed at her disposal, who shall
attend upon

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