The Chessmen of Mars

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 126

foolish heart urged but a single explanation--that she refused to
recognize him lest she be involved in his difficulties.

O-Tar looked first at one and then at another of them; but none of them

"Were they not captured together?" he asked of U-Dor.

"No," replied the dwar. "He who is called Turan was found seeking
entrance to the city and was enticed to the pits. The following morning
I discovered the other two upon the hill beyond The Gate of Enemies."

"But they are friends and companions," said a young padwar, "for this
Turan inquired of me concerning these two, calling them by name and
saying that they were his friends."

"It is enough," stated O-Tar, "all three shall die," and he took
another step downward from the throne.

"For what shall we die?" asked Ghek. "Your people prate of the just
laws of Manator, and yet you would slay three strangers without telling
them of what crime they are accused."

"He is right," said a deep voice. It was the voice of U-Thor, the great
jed of Manatos. O-Tar looked at him and scowled; but there came voices
from other portions of the chamber seconding the demand for justice.

"Then know, though you shall die anyway," cried O-Tar, "that all three
are convicted of Corphalism and that as only a jeddak may slay such as
you in safety you are about to be honored with the steel of O-Tar."

"Fool!" cried Turan. "Know you not that in the veins of this woman
flows the blood of ten thousand jeddaks--that greater than yours is her
power in her own land? She is Tara, Princess of Helium,
great-granddaughter of Tardos Mors, daughter of John Carter, Warlord of
Barsoom. She cannot be a Corphal. Nor is this creature Ghek, nor am I.
And you would know more, I can prove my right to be heard and to be
believed if I may have word with the Princess Haja of Gathol, whose son
is my fellow prisoner in the pits of O-Tar, his father."

At this U-Thor rose to his feet and faced O-Tar. "What means this?" he
asked. "Speaks the man the truth? Is the son of Haja a prisoner in thy
pits, O-Tar?"

"And what is it to the jed of Manatos who be the prisoners in the pits
of his jeddak?" demanded O-Tar, angrily.

"It is this to the jed of Manatos," replied U-Thor in a voice so low as
to be scarce more than a whisper and yet that was heard the whole
length and breadth of the great throne room of O-Tar, Jeddak of

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