The Chessmen of Mars

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 125

as an unhatched egg. He dragged me
to him, greatest of jeddaks, with his eyes! With his eyes he seized
upon my eyes and dragged me to him and he made me lay my swords and
dagger upon the table and back off into a corner, and still keeping his
eyes upon my eyes his head quitted his body and crawling upon six short
legs it descended to the floor and backed part way into the hole of an
ulsio, but not so far that the eyes were not still upon me and then it
returned with the key to its fetter and after resuming its place upon
its own shoulders it unlocked the fetter and again dragged me across
the room and made me to sit upon the bench where it had been and there
it fastened the fetter about my ankle, and I could do naught for the
power of its eyes and the fact that it wore my two swords and my
dagger. And then the head disappeared down the hole of the ulsio with
the key, and when it returned, it resumed its body and stood guard over
me at the doorway until the padwar came to fetch it hither."

"It is enough!" said O-Tar, sternly. "Both shall receive the jeddak's
steel," and rising from his throne he drew his long sword and descended
the marble steps toward them, while two brawny warriors seized Tara by
either arm and two seized Ghek, holding them facing the naked blade of
the jeddak.

"Hold, just O-Tar!" cried U-Dor. "There be yet another to be judged.
Let us confront him who calls himself Turan with these his fellows
before they die."

"Good!" exclaimed O-Tar, pausing half way down the steps. "Fetch Turan,
the slave!"

When Turan had been brought into the chamber he was placed a little to
Tara's left and a step nearer the throne. O-Tar eyed him menacingly.

"You are Turan," he asked, "friend and companion of these?"

The panthan was about to reply when Tara of Helium spoke. "I know not
this fellow," she said. "Who dares say that he be a friend and
companion of the Princess Tara of Helium?"

Turan and Ghek looked at her in surprise, but at Turan she did not
look, and to Ghek she passed a quick glance of warning, as to say:
"Hold thy peace."

The panthan tried not to fathom her purpose for the head is useless
when the heart usurps its functions, and Turan knew only that the woman
he loved had denied him, and though he tried not even to think it

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