The Beasts of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 86

ape you call
'husband,' what it means to interfere with the plans of Nikolas Rokoff.

"You have robbed me of the child. I cannot make him the son of a
cannibal chief, but"--and he paused as though to let the full meaning
of his threat sink deep--"I can make the mother the wife of a cannibal,
and that I shall do--after I have finished with her myself."

If he had thought to wring from Jane Clayton any sign of terror he
failed miserably. She was beyond that. Her brain and nerves were numb
to suffering and shock.

To his surprise a faint, almost happy smile touched her lips. She was
thinking with thankful heart that this poor little corpse was not that
of her own wee Jack, and that--best of all--Rokoff evidently did not
know the truth.

She would have liked to have flaunted the fact in his face, but she
dared not. If he continued to believe that the child had been hers, so
much safer would be the real Jack wherever he might be. She had, of
course, no knowledge of the whereabouts of her little son--she did not
know, even, that he still lived, and yet there was the chance that he

It was more than possible that without Rokoff's knowledge this child
had been substituted for hers by one of the Russian's confederates, and
that even now her son might be safe with friends in London, where there
were many, both able and willing, to have paid any ransom which the
traitorous conspirator might have asked for the safe release of Lord
Greystoke's son.

She had thought it all out a hundred times since she had discovered
that the baby which Anderssen had placed in her arms that night upon
the Kincaid was not her own, and it had been a constant and gnawing
source of happiness to her to dream the whole fantasy through in its
every detail.

No, the Russian must never know that this was not her baby. She
realized that her position was hopeless--with Anderssen and her husband
dead there was no one in all the world with a desire to succour her who
knew where she might be found.

Rokoff's threat, she realized, was no idle one. That he would do, or
attempt to do, all that he had promised, she was perfectly sure; but at
the worst it meant but a little earlier release from the hideous
anguish that she had been enduring. She must find some way to take
her own life before the

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