The Beasts of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 71

A moment ago he had been upon the point of killing
this man. Now he could no more have taken his life than he could have
taken the life of any of his best friends.

He lifted the Swede's head in his arms to change and ease his position.

Again came a fit of coughing and the terrible haemorrhage. After it
was over Anderssen lay with closed eyes.

Tarzan thought that he was dead, until he suddenly raised his eyes to
those of the ape-man, sighed, and spoke--in a very low, weak whisper.

"Ay tank it blow purty soon purty hard!" he said, and died.

Chapter 11


Tarzan scooped a shallow grave for the Kincaid's cook, beneath whose
repulsive exterior had beaten the heart of a chivalrous gentleman.
That was all he could do in the cruel jungle for the man who had given
his life in the service of his little son and his wife.

Then Tarzan took up again the pursuit of Rokoff. Now that he was
positive that the woman ahead of him was indeed Jane, and that she had
again fallen into the hands of the Russian, it seemed that with all the
incredible speed of his fleet and agile muscles he moved at but a
snail's pace.

It was with difficulty that he kept the trail, for there were many
paths through the jungle at this point--crossing and crisscrossing,
forking and branching in all directions, and over them all had passed
natives innumerable, coming and going. The spoor of the white men was
obliterated by that of the native carriers who had followed them, and
over all was the spoor of other natives and of wild beasts.

It was most perplexing; yet Tarzan kept on assiduously, checking his
sense of sight against his sense of smell, that he might more surely
keep to the right trail. But, with all his care, night found him at a
point where he was positive that he was on the wrong trail entirely.

He knew that the pack would follow his spoor, and so he had been
careful to make it as distinct as possible, brushing often against the
vines and creepers that walled the jungle-path, and in other ways
leaving his scent-spoor plainly discernible.

As darkness settled a heavy rain set in, and there was nothing for the
baffled ape-man to do but wait in the partial shelter of a huge tree
until morning; but the coming of dawn brought no cessation of the
torrential downpour.

For a week the sun was obscured by heavy clouds, while

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