The Beasts of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 68

to keep
him hot upon the trail. He was sure that Rokoff would be following
this trio, and so he felt confident that so long as he could keep upon
the Russian's trail he would be winning so much nearer to the time he
might snatch his son from the dangers and horrors that menaced him.

In retracing their way after losing Rokoff's trail Tarzan picked it up
again at a point where the Russian had left the river and taken to the
brush in a northerly direction. He could only account for this change
on the ground that the child had been carried away from the river by
the two who now had possession of it.

Nowhere along the way, however, could he gain definite information that
might assure him positively that the child was ahead of him. Not a
single native they questioned had seen or heard of this other party,
though nearly all had had direct experience with the Russian or had
talked with others who had.

It was with difficulty that Tarzan could find means to communicate with
the natives, as the moment their eyes fell upon his companions they
fled precipitately into the bush. His only alternative was to go ahead
of his pack and waylay an occasional warrior whom he found alone in the

One day as he was thus engaged, tracking an unsuspecting savage, he
came upon the fellow in the act of hurling a spear at a wounded white
man who crouched in a clump of bush at the trail's side. The white was
one whom Tarzan had often seen, and whom he recognized at once.

Deep in his memory was implanted those repulsive features--the
close-set eyes, the shifty expression, the drooping yellow moustache.

Instantly it occurred to the ape-man that this fellow had not been
among those who had accompanied Rokoff at the village where Tarzan had
been a prisoner. He had seen them all, and this fellow had not been
there. There could be but one explanation--he it was who had fled
ahead of the Russian with the woman and the child--and the woman had
been Jane Clayton. He was sure now of the meaning of Rokoff's words.

The ape-man's face went white as he looked upon the pasty, vice-marked
countenance of the Swede. Across Tarzan's forehead stood out the broad
band of scarlet that marked the scar where, years before, Terkoz had
torn a great strip of the ape-man's scalp from his skull in the fierce
battle in which Tarzan had sustained his fitness

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