The Beasts of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 43

paddlers, whose
very fear added incitement to the beasts.

At Kaviri's camp Tarzan paused only long enough to eat the food that
the blacks furnished, and arrange with the chief for a dozen men to man
the paddles of his canoe.

Kaviri was only too glad to comply with any demands that the ape-man
might make if only such compliance would hasten the departure of the
horrid pack; but it was easier, he discovered, to promise men than to
furnish them, for when his people learned his intentions those that had
not already fled into the jungle proceeded to do so without loss of
time, so that when Kaviri turned to point out those who were to
accompany Tarzan, he discovered that he was the only member of his
tribe left within the village.

Tarzan could not repress a smile.

"They do not seem anxious to accompany us," he said; "but just remain
quietly here, Kaviri, and presently you shall see your people flocking
to your side."

Then the ape-man rose, and, calling his pack about him, commanded that
Mugambi remain with Kaviri, and disappeared in the jungle with Sheeta
and the apes at his heels.

For half an hour the silence of the grim forest was broken only by the
ordinary sounds of the teeming life that but adds to its lowering
loneliness. Kaviri and Mugambi sat alone in the palisaded village,

Presently from a great distance came a hideous sound. Mugambi
recognized the weird challenge of the ape-man. Immediately from
different points of the compass rose a horrid semicircle of similar
shrieks and screams, punctuated now and again by the blood-curdling cry
of a hungry panther.

Chapter 7


The two savages, Kaviri and Mugambi, squatting before the entrance to
Kaviri's hut, looked at one another--Kaviri with ill-concealed alarm.

"What is it?" he whispered.

"It is Bwana Tarzan and his people," replied Mugambi. "But what they
are doing I know not, unless it be that they are devouring your people
who ran away."

Kaviri shuddered and rolled his eyes fearfully toward the jungle. In
all his long life in the savage forest he had never heard such an
awful, fearsome din.

Closer and closer came the sounds, and now with them were mingled the
terrified shrieks of women and children and of men. For twenty long
minutes the blood-curdling cries continued, until they seemed but a
stone's throw from the palisade. Kaviri rose to flee, but Mugambi
seized and held him, for such had been the command of Tarzan.

A moment later a horde of terrified natives burst from the jungle,
racing toward

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