The Beasts of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 42

should not
have harmed you had you not set upon me. Tell me, what was the face
of this bad white man like? I am searching for one who has wronged me.
Possibly this may be the very one."

"He was a man with a bad face, covered with a great, black beard, and
he was very, very wicked--yes, very wicked indeed."

"Was there a little white child with him?" asked Tarzan, his heart
almost stopped as he awaited the black's answer.

"No, bwana," replied Kaviri, "the white child was not with this man's
party--it was with the other party."

"Other party!" exclaimed Tarzan. "What other party?"

"With the party that the very bad white man was pursuing. There was a
white man, woman, and the child, with six Mosula porters. They passed
up the river three days ahead of the very bad white man. I think that
they were running away from him."

A white man, woman, and child! Tarzan was puzzled. The child must be
his little Jack; but who could the woman be--and the man? Was it
possible that one of Rokoff's confederates had conspired with some
woman--who had accompanied the Russian--to steal the baby from him?

If this was the case, they had doubtless purposed returning the child
to civilization and there either claiming a reward or holding the
little prisoner for ransom.

But now that Rokoff had succeeded in chasing them far inland, up the
savage river, there could be little doubt but that he would eventually
overhaul them, unless, as was still more probable, they should be
captured and killed by the very cannibals farther up the Ugambi, to
whom, Tarzan was now convinced, it had been Rokoff's intention to
deliver the baby.

As he talked to Kaviri the canoes had been moving steadily up-river
toward the chief's village. Kaviri's warriors plied the paddles in the
three canoes, casting sidelong, terrified glances at their hideous
passengers. Three of the apes of Akut had been killed in the
encounter, but there were, with Akut, eight of the frightful beasts
remaining, and there was Sheeta, the panther, and Tarzan and Mugambi.

Kaviri's warriors thought that they had never seen so terrible a crew
in all their lives. Momentarily they expected to be pounced upon and
torn asunder by some of their captors; and, in fact, it was all that
Tarzan and Mugambi and Akut could do to keep the snarling, ill-natured
brutes from snapping at the glistening, naked bodies that brushed
against them now and then with the movements of the

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