The Beasts of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 38

biting deep in an effort to reach the spine.

For several hundred yards the bellowing bull carried his two savage
antagonists, until at last the blade found his heart, when with a final
bellow that was half-scream he plunged headlong to the earth. Then
Tarzan and Sheeta feasted to repletion.

After the meal the two curled up together in a thicket, the man's black
head pillowed upon the tawny side of the panther. Shortly after dawn
they awoke and ate again, and then returned to the beach that Tarzan
might lead the balance of the pack to the kill.

When the meal was done the brutes were for curling up to sleep, so
Tarzan and Mugambi set off in search of the Ugambi River. They had
proceeded scarce a hundred yards when they came suddenly upon a broad
stream, which the Negro instantly recognized as that down which he and
his warriors had paddled to the sea upon their ill-starred expedition.

The two now followed the stream down to the ocean, finding that it
emptied into a bay not over a mile from the point upon the beach at
which the canoe had been thrown the night before.

Tarzan was much elated by the discovery, as he knew that in the
vicinity of a large watercourse he should find natives, and from some
of these he had little doubt but that he should obtain news of Rokoff
and the child, for he felt reasonably certain that the Russian would
rid himself of the baby as quickly as possible after having disposed of

He and Mugambi now righted and launched the dugout, though it was a
most difficult feat in the face of the surf which rolled continuously
in upon the beach; but at last they were successful, and soon after
were paddling up the coast toward the mouth of the Ugambi. Here they
experienced considerable difficulty in making an entrance against the
combined current and ebb tide, but by taking advantage of eddies close
in to shore they came about dusk to a point nearly opposite the spot
where they had left the pack asleep.

Making the craft fast to an overhanging bough, the two made their way
into the jungle, presently coming upon some of the apes feeding upon
fruit a little beyond the reeds where the buffalo had fallen. Sheeta
was not anywhere to be seen, nor did he return that night, so that
Tarzan came to believe that he had wandered away in search of his own

Early the next morning the ape-man led his

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