The Beasts of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 147

her trust by the
lure of gold, and so had opened negotiations with Lord Greystoke's
solicitors for the return of the child.

Esmeralda, the old Negro nurse whose absence on a vacation in America
at the time of the abduction of little Jack had been attributed by her
as the cause of the calamity, had returned and positively identified
the infant.

The ransom had been paid, and within ten days of the date of his
kidnapping the future Lord Greystoke, none the worse for his
experience, had been returned to his father's home.

And so that last and greatest of Nikolas Rokoff's many rascalities had
not only miserably miscarried through the treachery he had taught his
only friend, but it had resulted in the arch-villain's death, and given
to Lord and Lady Greystoke a peace of mind that neither could ever have
felt so long as the vital spark remained in the body of the Russian and
his malign mind was free to formulate new atrocities against them.

Rokoff was dead, and while the fate of Paulvitch was unknown, they had
every reason to believe that he had succumbed to the dangers of the
jungle where last they had seen him--the malicious tool of his master.

And thus, in so far as they might know, they were to be freed for ever
from the menace of these two men--the only enemies which Tarzan of the
Apes ever had had occasion to fear, because they struck at him cowardly
blows, through those he loved.

It was a happy family party that were reunited in Greystoke House the
day that Lord Greystoke and his lady landed upon English soil from the
deck of the Shorewater.

Accompanying them were Mugambi and the Mosula woman whom he had found
in the bottom of the canoe that night upon the bank of the little
tributary of the Ugambi.

The woman had preferred to cling to her new lord and master rather
than return to the marriage she had tried to escape.

Tarzan had proposed to them that they might find a home upon his vast
African estates in the land of the Waziri, where they were to be sent
as soon as opportunity presented itself.

Possibly we shall see them all there amid the savage romance of the
grim jungle and the great plains where Tarzan of the Apes loves best to

Who knows?

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