The Beasts of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 140

if we do not hasten to his aid. You alone can call them off.
Take Jones and Sullivan--you may need help--and get to him as quick as
you can. Follow the game trail south for about a mile. I will remain
here. I am too spent with running to go back with you," and the mate
of the Kincaid threw himself upon the ground, panting as though he was
almost done for.

Mugambi hesitated. He had been left to guard the two women. He did
not know what to do, and then Jane Clayton, who had heard Schneider's
story, added her pleas to those of the mate.

"Do not delay," she urged. "We shall be all right here. Mr.
Schneider will remain with us. Go, Mugambi. The poor fellow must be

Schmidt, who lay hidden in a bush at the edge of the camp, grinned.
Mugambi, heeding the commands of his mistress, though still doubtful of
the wisdom of his action, started off toward the south, with Jones and
Sullivan at his heels.

No sooner had he disappeared than Schmidt rose and darted north into
the jungle, and a few minutes later the face of Kai Shang of Fachan
appeared at the edge of the clearing. Schneider saw the Chinaman, and
motioned to him that the coast was clear.

Jane Clayton and the Mosula woman were sitting at the opening of the
former's tent, their backs toward the approaching ruffians. The first
intimation that either had of the presence of strangers in camp was the
sudden appearance of a half-dozen ragged villains about them.

"Come!" said Kai Shang, motioning that the two arise and follow him.

Jane Clayton sprang to her feet and looked about for Schneider, only to
see him standing behind the newcomers, a grin upon his face. At his
side stood Schmidt. Instantly she saw that she had been made the
victim of a plot.

"What is the meaning of this?" she asked, addressing the mate.

"It means that we have found a ship and that we can now escape from
Jungle Island," replied the man.

"Why did you send Mugambi and the others into the jungle?" she inquired.

"They are not coming with us--only you and I, and the Mosula woman."

"Come!" repeated Kai Shang, and seized Jane Clayton's wrist.

One of the Maoris grasped the black woman by the arm, and when she
would have screamed struck her across the mouth.

Mugambi raced through the jungle toward the south. Jones and Sullivan
trailed far behind.

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