The Beasts of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 124

a simple matter to clean up
the beasts. Where are they?"

"They're below," replied the sailor; "but just let me tell you
something, Paulvitch. You haven't got no more show to turn us men
against the Englishman than nothing. We had all we wanted of you and
that other beast. He's dead, an' if I don't miss my guess a whole lot
you'll be dead too before long. You two treated us like dogs, and if
you think we got any love for you you better forget it."

"You mean to say that you're going to turn against me?" demanded

The other nodded, and then after a momentary pause, during which an
idea seemed to have occurred to him, he spoke again.

"Unless," he said, "you can make it worth my while to let you go before
the Englishman finds you here."

"You wouldn't turn me away in the jungle, would you?" asked Paulvitch.
"Why, I'd die there in a week."

"You'd have a chance there," replied the sailor. "Here, you wouldn't
have no chance. Why, if I woke up my maties here they'd probably cut
your heart out of you before the Englishman got a chance at you at all.
It's mighty lucky for you that I'm the one to be awake now and not none
of the others."

"You're crazy," cried Paulvitch. "Don't you know that the Englishman
will have you all hanged when he gets you back where the law can get
hold of you?"

"No, he won't do nothing of the kind," replied the sailor. "He's told
us as much, for he says that there wasn't nobody to blame but you and
Rokoff--the rest of us was just tools. See?"

For half an hour the Russian pleaded or threatened as the mood seized
him. Sometimes he was upon the verge of tears, and again he was
promising his listener either fabulous rewards or condign punishment;
but the other was obdurate. [condign: of equal value]

He made it plain to the Russian that there were but two plans open to
him--either he must consent to being turned over immediately to Lord
Greystoke, or he must pay to the sailor, as a price for permission to
quit the Kincaid unmolested, every cent of money and article of value
upon his person and in his cabin.

"And you'll have to make up your mind mighty quick," growled the man,
"for I want to turn in. Come now, choose--his lordship or the jungle?"

"You'll be sorry for this," grumbled the Russian.

"Shut up," admonished

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