The Beasts of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 117

only gnawed and broken bones.

Of the Russian's party, all were accounted for except Paulvitch. Four
were prisoners in the Kincaid's forecastle. The rest were dead.

With these men Tarzan got up steam upon the vessel, and with the
knowledge of the mate, who happened to be one of those surviving, he
planned to set out in quest of Jungle Island; but as the morning dawned
there came with it a heavy gale from the west which raised a sea into
which the mate of the Kincaid dared not venture. All that day the ship
lay within the shelter of the mouth of the river; for, though night
witnessed a lessening of the wind, it was thought safer to wait for
daylight before attempting the navigation of the winding channel to the

Upon the deck of the steamer the pack wandered without let or hindrance
by day, for they had soon learned through Tarzan and Mugambi that they
must harm no one upon the Kincaid; but at night they were confined

Tarzan's joy had been unbounded when he learned from his wife that the
little child who had died in the village of M'ganwazam was not their
son. Who the baby could have been, or what had become of their own,
they could not imagine, and as both Rokoff and Paulvitch were gone,
there was no way of discovering.

There was, however, a certain sense of relief in the knowledge that
they might yet hope. Until positive proof of the baby's death reached
them there was always that to buoy them up.

It seemed quite evident that their little Jack had not been brought
aboard the Kincaid. Anderssen would have known of it had such been the
case, but he had assured Jane time and time again that the little one
he had brought to her cabin the night he aided her to escape was the
only one that had been aboard the Kincaid since she lay at Dover.

Chapter 18

Paulvitch Plots Revenge

As Jane and Tarzan stood upon the vessel's deck recounting to one
another the details of the various adventures through which each had
passed since they had parted in their London home, there glared at them
from beneath scowling brows a hidden watcher upon the shore.

Through the man's brain passed plan after plan whereby he might thwart
the escape of the Englishman and his wife, for so long as the vital
spark remained within the vindictive brain of Alexander Paulvitch none
who had aroused the enmity of the Russian might be entirely safe.

Plan after plan

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