The Beasts of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 113

the occupants of the
other canoe, and it was this volley and the scream of the terrified
native woman in the canoe with Mugambi that both Tarzan and Jane had

Before the slower and less skilled paddlers in Mugambi's canoe could
press their advantage and effect a boarding of the enemy the latter had
turned swiftly down-stream and were paddling for their lives in the
direction of the Kincaid, which was now visible to them.

The vessel after striking upon the bar had swung loose again into a
slow-moving eddy, which returns up-stream close to the southern shore
of the Ugambi only to circle out once more and join the downward flow a
hundred yards or so farther up. Thus the Kincaid was returning Jane
Clayton directly into the hands of her enemies.

It so happened that as Tarzan sprang into the river the vessel was not
visible to him, and as he swam out into the night he had no idea that a
ship drifted so close at hand. He was guided by the sounds which he
could hear coming from the two canoes.

As he swam he had vivid recollections of the last occasion upon which
he had swum in the waters of the Ugambi, and with them a sudden shudder
shook the frame of the giant.

But, though he twice felt something brush his legs from the slimy
depths below him, nothing seized him, and of a sudden he quite forgot
about crocodiles in the astonishment of seeing a dark mass loom
suddenly before him where he had still expected to find the open river.

So close was it that a few strokes brought him up to the thing, when to
his amazement his outstretched hand came in contact with a ship's side.

As the agile ape-man clambered over the vessel's rail there came to his
sensitive ears the sound of a struggle at the opposite side of the deck.

Noiselessly he sped across the intervening space.

The moon had risen now, and, though the sky was still banked with
clouds, a lesser darkness enveloped the scene than that which had
blotted out all sight earlier in the night. His keen eyes, therefore,
saw the figures of two men grappling with a woman.

That it was the woman who had accompanied Anderssen toward the interior
he did not know, though he suspected as much, as he was now quite
certain that this was the deck of the Kincaid upon which chance had led

But he wasted little time in idle speculation. There was a woman in
danger of

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