The Beasts of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 104

the ship, deep in drunken

With a shudder of disgust she clambered above, and to the best of her
ability closed and made fast the hatch above the heads of the sleeping
guard. Next she sought the galley and food, and, having appeased her
hunger, she took her place on deck, determined that none should board
the Kincaid without first having agreed to her demands.

For an hour or so nothing appeared upon the surface of the river to
cause her alarm, but then, about a bend up-stream, she saw a canoe
appear in which sat a single figure. It had not proceeded far in her
direction before she recognized the occupant as Rokoff, and when the
fellow attempted to board he found a rifle staring him in the face.

When the Russian discovered who it was that repelled his advance he
became furious, cursing and threatening in a most horrible manner; but,
finding that these tactics failed to frighten or move the girl, he at
last fell to pleading and promising.

Jane had but a single reply for his every proposition, and that was
that nothing would ever persuade her to permit Rokoff upon the same
vessel with her. That she would put her threats into action and shoot
him should he persist in his endeavour to board the ship he was

So, as there was no other alternative, the great coward dropped back
into his dugout and, at imminent risk of being swept to sea, finally
succeeded in making the shore far down the bay and upon the opposite
side from that on which the horde of beasts stood snarling and roaring.

Jane Clayton knew that the fellow could not alone and unaided bring his
heavy craft back up-stream to the Kincaid, and so she had no further
fear of an attack by him. The hideous crew upon the shore she thought
she recognized as the same that had passed her in the jungle far up the
Ugambi several days before, for it seemed quite beyond reason that
there should be more than one such a strangely assorted pack; but what
had brought them down-stream to the mouth of the river she could not

Toward the day's close the girl was suddenly alarmed by the shouting of
the Russian from the opposite bank of the stream, and a moment later,
following the direction of his gaze, she was terrified to see a ship's
boat approaching from up-stream, in which, she felt assured, there
could be only members of the Kincaid's missing crew--only heartless
ruffians and enemies.

Chapter 16

In the

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