Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 9

only deliciously pure and fresh but of an icy temperature that
indicated its rapid descent from the lofty mountains of its origin.

Casting aside his loin cloth and weapons Tarzan entered the little pool
beneath the tree and after a moment emerged, greatly refreshed and
filled with a keen desire to breakfast. As he came out of the pool he
noticed his companion examining him with a puzzled expression upon his
face. Taking the ape-man by the shoulder he turned him around so that
Tarzan's back was toward him and then, touching the end of Tarzan's
spine with his forefinger, he curled his own tail up over his shoulder
and, wheeling the ape-man about again, pointed first at Tarzan and then
at his own caudal appendage, a look of puzzlement upon his face, the
while he jabbered excitedly in his strange tongue.

The ape-man realized that probably for the first time his companion had
discovered that he was tailless by nature rather than by accident, and
so he called attention to his own great toes and thumbs to further
impress upon the creature that they were of different species.

The fellow shook his head dubiously as though entirely unable to
comprehend why Tarzan should differ so from him but at last, apparently
giving the problem up with a shrug, he laid aside his own harness,
skin, and weapons and entered the pool.

His ablutions completed and his meager apparel redonned he seated
himself at the foot of the tree and motioning Tarzan to a place beside
him, opened the pouch that hung at his right side taking from it strips
of dried flesh and a couple of handfuls of thin-shelled nuts with which
Tarzan was unfamiliar. Seeing the other break them with his teeth and
eat the kernel, Tarzan followed the example thus set him, discovering
the meat to be rich and well flavored. The dried flesh also was far
from unpalatable, though it had evidently been jerked without salt, a
commodity which Tarzan imagined might be rather difficult to obtain in
this locality.

As they ate Tarzan's companion pointed to the nuts, the dried meat, and
various other nearby objects, in each instance repeating what Tarzan
readily discovered must be the names of these things in the creature's
native language. The ape-man could but smile at this evident desire
upon the part of his new-found acquaintance to impart to him
instructions that eventually might lead to an exchange of thoughts
between them. Having already mastered several languages and a multitude
of dialects the ape-man felt that he could readily assimilate another
even though this appeared one entirely

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