Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 79

strike down one who wrongfully claimed kinship with him."

This line of argument being unanswerable must needs be convincing.
There could be no questioning of this creature's statements without the
tacit admission of lack of faith in the omnipotence of Jad-ben-Otho.
Ko-tan was satisfied that he was entertaining deity, but as to just
what form his entertainment should take he was rather at a loss to
know. His conception of god had been rather a vague and hazy affair,
though in common with all primitive people his god was a personal one
as were his devils and demons. The pleasures of Jad-ben-Otho he had
assumed to be the excesses which he himself enjoyed, but devoid of any
unpleasant reaction. It therefore occurred to him that the Dor-ul-Otho
would be greatly entertained by eating--eating large quantities of
everything that Ko-tan liked best and that he had found most injurious;
and there was also a drink that the women of the Ho-don made by
allowing corn to soak in the juices of succulent fruits, to which they
had added certain other ingredients best known to themselves. Ko-tan
knew by experience that a single draught of this potent liquor would
bring happiness and surcease from worry, while several would cause even
a king to do things and enjoy things that he would never even think of
doing or enjoying while not under the magical influence of the potion,
but unfortunately the next morning brought suffering in direct ratio to
the joy of the preceding day. A god, Ko-tan reasoned, could experience
all the pleasure without the headache, but for the immediate present he
must think of the necessary dignities and honors to be accorded his
immortal guest.

No foot other than a king's had touched the surface of the apex of the
pyramid in the throneroom at A-lur during all the forgotten ages
through which the kings of Pal-ul-don had ruled from its high eminence.
So what higher honor could Ko-tan offer than to give place beside him
to the Dor-ul-Otho? And so he invited Tarzan to ascend the pyramid and
take his place upon the stone bench that topped it. As they reached the
step below the sacred pinnacle Ko-tan continued as though to mount to
his throne, but Tarzan laid a detaining hand upon his arm.

"None may sit upon a level with the gods," he admonished, stepping
confidently up and seating himself upon the throne. The abashed Ko-tan
showed his embarrassment, an embarrassment he feared to voice lest he
incur the wrath of the king of kings.

"But," added Tarzan, "a god may honor his faithful servant

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